Hauliers acquiring new vehicles from the UK at this time do not have to register due to the NCT Centre closure.

This had been confirmed by Deputy Seán Sherlock, who received confirmation on the situation.

“I am informed by Revenue that new vehicles supplied by an authorised motor dealer can be registered online by the dealer through their Revenue ROS account.

“Used vehicles brought in from the UK or elsewhere are required to be registered within 30 days in normal circumstances.

“However, as NCTS Centres, which perform the registration service, are closed at present as a result of the Covid-19 crisis this  requirement will not be enforced by Revenue.

“Hauliers and other operators of such vehicles will not be required to reregister them until the VRT service operated by NCTS Centres has recommenced.”

Deputy Sherlock also expressed his thanks and solidarity for all truck drivers and delivery drivers working to keep supply chain solid during the Covid-19 restrictions.