Half of Irish consumers buying more second-hand products today than 5 years ago

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

A new study of consumption trends has revealed a growing awareness among Irish people of the need to adopt more sustainable buying habits with 48% of Ireland’s population now choosing more second-hand products than in the past five years.  

The research highlights how consumers in Ireland are increasingly looking for alternative solutions, with second-hand products now being considered more than in the past.  

The study of a thousand consumers reveals that while affordability is still the main reason consumers choose a second-hand product, sustainability is now the second most common motivator when it comes to decision making. Furthermore, 36% of Irish consumers say a desire to be more sustainable is their primary factor when they choose to buy something second-hand.  

Electronic products lead the way when it comes to second-hand purchases in Ireland at 58% followed by furniture at 53% and clothing at 48%. 

While there has been a significant shift towards buying refurbished tech, the study shows there is still a large portion of people who do not buy second-hand products and do not understand the area fully. 19% of Irish people admit they don’t know the difference between second-hand and refurbished while 16% said they weren’t sure.

The research was commissioned by Swappie, Europe’s leading online destination for buying and selling refurbished iPhones, and conducted by market research company, Kantar in March 2023.