Green Belt – better than ever

Green Belt, Ireland’s most progressive forestry management company, has delivered stronger than forecast results across this planting season.

While the licencing issue is a continuing stumbling block across the industry, Green Belt is on target with an ambitious planting program, supported by a year on year increase in timber harvesting volumes.

Our team of professional foresters located across the country are working with land and forest owners to decide upon the best, most sustainable, options in establishing, managing and harvesting your forestry and land.

Green Belt is particularly proud of the transition we are witnessing to increased areas of native woodland establishment. This is something we have always encouraged and we have been working with farmers and land owners to establish more and more native Irish species across their plantations.

Of course, the increased premium levels help (up to €680 per hectare for 15 years) as does the further incentive from the Woodland Environmental Fund sponsored by companies such as Aldi and Applegreen.  

Green Belt has made very positive changes throughout the company. Our new CEO, Imelda Connolly has ensured there are no lapses in payments to contractors or forest owners and all our foresters are committed and dedicated to delivering the excellent service Green Belt has built its reputation on.

To establish, enhance and protect your forest contact our team of expert, professional foresters today.

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