Grandson of Fermoy native to play soccer for Ireland

Dan Crowley, international soccer player, has recently announced that he has applied for a FIFA transfer from the English team to the Irish team. 

His grandmother, Eileen Crowley (nee Crotty) was born and reared at 56 Patrick Street, Fermoy and Dan was often in Fermoy as a teenager on holidays visiting his relatives there.

The Coventry born soccer player rose to stardom in his early teens and was signed with Aston Villa at U16 level.

He then transferred to Arsenal before recently switching to Dutch team, Willem II in 2017.

Since making that move, his game has improved and he is starting to show that great skill and talent yet again.

With Irish links in the seaside Waterford town of Tramore as well as Fermoy, Crowley feels as much of an Irishman as an Englishman.

“I had a strong Irish upbringing and spent most of my childhood summers playing sports in Tramore, Co Waterford,” said Mr Crowley.

“Ireland was always the team I supported at international level. I was young at the time but I remember crying my eyes out when Spain won that penalty shoot-out at the 2002 World Cup.”

The transfer won’t be complete in time for the opening matches for the Euro 2020 but it is hoped that he will join the Irish side before the end of the season.