‘Glory be to God’ The life and times of Brother Gerard Leddy

Many people know of Brother Gerard Leddy who was the longest serving Franciscan Monk in the world at the time of his death in 1992 at the exceptional age of 99 years. 

During his lifetime, Ireland went through many periods of change socially, economically and politically and by the time he reached his final days, Ireland was a very different place from the Ireland he was born into. 

Brother Gerard Leddy during his time at Mount Melleray Abbey.

Early life

Brother Gerard was born Tom Leddy in 1892 into a humble household in Gortnaskehy, Araglin which is now the home of John Leddy, Br Gerard’s nephew.

He had two brothers Jack and Con and one sister, Mary. He attended Coolmohan National School in Araglin starting his studies at the age of 8 which he said was the ‘custom’ at the time.

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