Any further delays with the upgrade of the Dunkettle interchange will hamper growth, according to Irish business group IBEC, who cite that the project is vital for the development of Cork and the Munster region.

Commenting on the project, Ibec’s Cork Regional President Sean Moran said: “Any further delays with this upgrade is not just a concern for Cork but also for the wider economy. This is a key transport route with regional and national significance.

“Cork is growing at pace and needs the necessary infrastructure to support that growth and enhance regional connectivity and competitiveness, which are vital to a thriving Cork economy.”

Driving regional growth

“The upgrade of the Dunkettle interchange supports Government’s growth ambition for Cork by facilitating economic growth. Ensuring the timely delivery of the project is vital. Government must use available resources to deliver critical infrastructure and improve quality of life.

“The project, which was approved planning permission in 2013, is essential in order to improve accessibility, eliminate major daily congestion challenges and help improve the attractiveness of Cork to investors and talent to fill key roles. It will play a key role in driving regional growth and help create and sustain employment, supporting Cork to reach its full growth potential.

“Effective delivery of vital infrastructure projects is paramount to underpin economic progress. The Dunkettle interchange upgrade is a key growth enabler for Cork and any further delays will hamper regional and national economic growth.”