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Friars Gate

‘Friar’s Gate presents two great pieces of drama from two equally great companies – Callback Theatre and Magic Roundabout TC.

Thursday, 31 January 2013
12:00 AM GMT

This Thursday and Friday, 'Fred and Alice' returns to Friars’ Gate Theatre, Kilmallock at 8pm nightly, presented by CallBack Theatre.

'Fred and Alice', written and directed by John Sheehy, is a quirky love story played at a blistering pace. It’s not easy to get by in this crazy old world. But Fred and Alice have discovered that all you really need are 2 tennis rackets, a freezer full of ready meals and an immature coping strategy and each other.

'Fred and Alice' features Ciaran Birmingham ('Game of Thrones', 'HBO') and Cora Fenton ('Deception' TV3). Tickets €12/€10.

'American Buffalo'

Limerick theatre company, Magic Roundabout, visit Friars’ Gate on Friday, 8th February with their production of David Mamet’s 'American Buffalo'. Their latest production is directed by Zeb Moore and features Darren Maher, Stefan Barry and Ger Meaney.

A coin collector stumbles across a valuable buffalo nickel in a small Chicago junk shop and purchases it for only $90. Later coming to believe that the coin was worth far more than this and feeling he has been unfairly taken advantage of, Don, the shop owner, becomes determined to steal the coin back. He elicits help from Bobby, a young friend, and Teach, a paranoid and violent braggart. The three conspirators fancy themselves as businessmen pursuing the legitimate concerns of free enterprise. In reality, however, they are merely small time crooks, and all of their plotting amounts to nothing in the end.

Tickets cost €12/€10, book on or call 063-98727.

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