Five roads in North Cork are set to be laid with environmentally friendly surfaces thanks to a new resurfacing method. 

The process of road recycling involves the mixing of bitumen emulsion and cement with recycled material from the existing road pavement.

Suitable for rural roads, it can provide substantial environmental benefits including a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, a reduction in carbon footprint, a reduction in the haulage of material and the conservation of natural resources.

Cork County Council has contracted works for the North Cork Road Recycling & Surface Dressing 2020 Project. The works, contracted to Thomas Murphy & Sons Machinery Ltd, are planned for the month of August in the Newmarket and Charleville areas.

The contract, valued at almost €800,000, covers approximately 9km of road improvement works in rural roads at 5 sites in North Cork. 

The scope of works includes road recycling, resurfacing and road markings.

Falling under Cork County Council’s Project ACT, the completed works will improve local access and promote travel to towns and villages in the region, supporting economic and social recovery following Covid-19.


Chief Executive of Cork County Council Tim Lucey said that the plan was a major investment in the critical communication networks across the area. 

“The North Cork Road Recycling and Surface Dressing initiative is an important investment, as part of Project ACT, in the economic recovery of the region and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to sustainability.

"We will continually seek out new ways to improve service delivery and this project is an excellent example, providing necessary road improvements while acknowledging our responsibility to our communities and our environment.”