Fire officers in Lismore, Tallow and Cappoquin responded to almost 100 incidents in the local area last year, with almost 700 fires alone responded to by fire officers across Waterford city and county throughout 2016.

Figures released by the Dungarvan/Lismore Municipal Authority show that more that 550 fires have been responded to so far in 2017, not counting responses due to Storm Ophelia on Monday.

More than 230 special service incidents, which include road traffic accidents, road hazards, chemical incidents, flooding and non-fire rescues, have been responded to so far this year. Officers attended 378 special service incidents in 2016.


123 false alarms have been made across Waterford to date in 2017, including 31 across the Dungarvan/Lismore Municipal District, which boasts stations in Lismore, Tallow, Cappoquin, Ardmore and Dungarvan.

In 2016, a total of 146 false alarms were made. Seven false alarms were issued to fire stations in Lismore, Tallow and Cappoquin last year; all were reported as being made with good intent or due to alarm malfunction, no malicious false alarm was reported.

Fire officers in Lismore responded to 37 incidents last year; and to 30 incidents each in Tallow and Cappoquin. These included 23 chimney fires, 14 road traffic accidents and 11 flooding incidents.