There is a huge choice out there for people who are looking to go to festivals in their spare time.

A nationally representative survey of 1,000 adults saw them questioned about festivals in Ireland and which festivals they are going to go to this year.

The survey showed that 37% of adults in Ireland like going to festivals. However, this varies with age, as the younger age cohort (18-34 years) like going to festivals a lot more than the average with half (51%) of them stating they like festivals.

The top 3 types of festival people like going to are; 1. Music Festivals (83%), 2. Food & Drink Festivals (48%) and 3. Art & Craft Festivals (24%).

19% of Irish adults will go to a festival this year, with 23% of those aged 18-34 planning to go to one. The most popular music festivals in Ireland are 1. Electric Picnic, 2. Longitude and 3. The Cork Jazz Festival.

70% of people however think that music festivals in Ireland are overpriced. The average spend on a ticket for a festival in Ireland is €99.50.

Although 43% of adults in Ireland think that music festivals are well organised and policed, 56% of adults in Ireland think that music festivals encourage alcohol and drug abuse

The survey was undertaken by iReach Insights.