Fermoy ladies explore nature through art

Joan Ensko, Jean Kavanagh (Fermoy Library), Ann Baylor and Evelyn Barer pictured at their exhibition in Fermoy Library this week. (Picture: Emily Aherne)

Fermoy ladies Joan Ensko, Ann Baylor and Evelyn Barber are well known for their creative talents and are currently exhibiting their works in Fermoy Library until the end of November. 

Many of the works explore the theme of nature and all are available for purchase. 

Ann Baylor

Ann paints in watercolour and acrylics, sometimes mixing the media. She started painting back in the 1980s with Joe Ensko (Joan’s husband) and has continued to create art since then.

She has also painted with the late Desmond Turner, James Halloran and Arthur Madison and has exhibited her works in Lavitts Quay in Cork, at Ballymaloe in Cloyne and at the Pearse Emporium in Shanagarry. 

Ann enjoys painting in the great outdoors (plein eir technique) which gives her works an authentic feeling and a fresh atmosphere. 

Evelyn Barber

Evelyn also works in watercolour, painting landscapes and flowers. She handles the difficult medai of watercolour in a delicate painterly manner.

Evelyn began painting at first with the renowned painter Kenneth Web and has continued to paint with Desmond Turner and James O’Halloran. 

Joan Ensko

Joan is a textile artist and has always had a love for fabric. She has created a lot of pieces, including patchworks, over the years and has exhibited in group exhibitions from time to time.

She also had the opportunity to exhibit her works in Foster Place, College Green in Dublin.

She now works on a small scale using fabrics, threads, hand and machine embroidery and more in a freer style. 


The three artists are very grateful to the staff at Fermoy Library and to Cork County Council for allowing them to use the space in the library for their exhibition which runs for the month of November.

Visitors are welcome to come in and have a look around or to purchase any piece that may take their fancy.