Farmers can see where local Co-op sits as ICMSA publish 2023 Milk Price League

The Chairperson of ICMSA Dairy Committee, Noel Murphy.

Following the publication of the ICMSA Milk Price Review for 2023 and the positioning of West Cork Co-ops in the top four places, ICMSA Dairy Chairperson, Noel Murphy has described the range between top and bottom as “worrying” and emphasized that we cannot allow that wide margin to maintain into the remainder of 2024.

While the range from top to bottom standing at over 3 cpl, the ICMSA Diary Chairperson noted that the differential amounted to very significant €13,000 for a 400,000-litre production herd.

“The caveats and explanatory notes for this table and analysis are published in full in the report. But at a basic level, it looks at the average base milk price with available bonuses added on top. A full list of these inclusions are attached and it reveals the complicated nature of milk pricing.

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