Farm inspection literature compared to ‘North Korea’

Farm inspections carried out by Cork County Council have been described as an ‘insult’, with a leaflet provided for farmers on how to run their farms and yards ‘like something that would be produced in North Korea’.

Speaking with The Avondhu, one Curraglass-based farmer said that his farm inspection was carried out on the basis of potential pollution to the Bride River.

However, he says there is nothing to say that the river is polluted, and that the inspections are starting ‘from the wrong premise’. 

Furthermore, the man said that the requests were ‘unreasonable’ and that the way small farmers were now told to run their enterprises was tantamount to reducing them to tenant farmers once more. The inspector’s approach, he said, was like 'taking a sledgehammer to a nut'.

“No one works under a guillotine, and nothing happens without people working together”.

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