If you are a smoker, the chances are you want to quit, as at any given time, 7 out of 10 smokers want to quit. The HSE are now making it even easier for you to QUIT smoking.

You may be thinking about quitting, you may have tried before – in fact most smokers make a few attempts before they QUIT for good.  You may even be a little worried that even though you want to, you can’t do it.  Well you can QUIT and you don’t have to try alone.

The website www.quit.ie, has been recently updated to include the most comprehensive map of HSE smoking cessation support clinics around Ireland. The HSE has 74 smoking cessation clinics around Ireland in community and hospital settings to help support you quit smoking for good.  Browse their new clinic locator to find a smoking cessation support clinic near you: https://www.quit.ie/I-Want-to-Quit/Support-Services/.

“However you are feeling about quitting, we are here to help. Our trained smoking cessation practitioners provide expert advice, support and encouragement to help you quit smoking for good. We have years of experience and have helped thousands of people just like you to quit smoking.

“We provide local face to face, one to one, and group support smoking cessation clinics. Getting the right support means that you are twice as likely to be successful and quit for good. Combine that with Nicotine Replacement Therapy or another quit smoking medication and you’ll increase your chances even more.”