An outraged resident who threatened fly tippers to come back and pick up their three piece suite of furniture dumped on the roadside before he reported it to the authorities, has had success.

Chris Daly from Doneraile was left fuming after discovering the furniture dumped on the roadside at Dromadeer in close proximity to his home.

Mr Daly promptly took to social media to highlight the incident before later posting an update.

“Have a part reg of vehicle that dumped the couch on Friday evening at 6.15. Better again have a part address from a Santa letter. Ye have until the morning to retrieve the couch or I will pass on the details to guards and litter warden,” his post read.

He later confirmed that the couch had been picked up and the culprits were in such a hurry that they left a football behind them.

Hopefully the fly-tippers in this case will think again before taking on this gentleman. Well done Chris.