Dog owners urged to be responsible after 10 sheep killed over the weekend

Members of the public are urged to be responsible dog owners in light of the killing of sheep and lambs last weekend in the Ballyporeen and Araglin areas of South Tipperary.

Up to 8 lambs and 2 ewes were killed over the weekend, with at least 3 sheep were reported to be missing. Six more are injured, and may need to be put down and then on Monday night a further 11 sheep were killed.

Local man Conor Hennessy urged people to be mindful of where their dogs are, not only during the night but during the day as well.

“Keep an eye on your dogs, and make sure you know where they are during the day or night. It distresses the sheep and you have ewes looking for lambs that aren’t there anymore. It’s an animal welfare issue really, as well, of course, as a financial issue.”

The Gardaí report that there are found 400 incidents of sheep being killed by dogs each year, with 3,000 to 4,000 animals losing their lives.