Dog fouling area in Fermoy to be remedied

The small grassy areas on the Mill Road in Fermoy which have been heavily soiled with dog foul for the past two years are due to be dug up and replaced with cement this week by Cork County Council. 

Local dog warden Nuala McNamara, is delighted that something is being done as she said it was the ‘worst area I’ve ever seen for dog fouling.’

“A lot of people have been on to me complaining about it for a long time so it’s great to hear that something is being done about it.”

Cllr Noel McCarthy, chairperson of Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee, has continuously highlighted the issue to Cork County Council over the past two years and he is thrilled to hear that the areas are due to be replaced with cement and hopes it will deter dog fouling in the area. 

“It’s the only solution. It was an absolute eyesore and the Tidy Towns Committee were totally embarrassed by the area. I’m delighted with this news, it couldn’t be better.”

Cllr McCarthy thanked the Municipal District Officer Pauline Moriarty, for organising the job. 

“It will look so much tidier when it’s done,” added Cllr McCarthy. 

One of the areas on Mill Road, Fermoy where there is a significant amount of dog fouling despite the presence of a Green Dog Walkers sign which encourages owners to pick up after their dogs. (EA)