The Defence Forces has said that they intend to add late-night exercises involving the firing of shells in Kilworth to their text and e-mail alert system, following complaints from locals in recent days.

People in areas near to Liam Lynch Camp and ranges in Kilworth reported loud noises and flashes of light last Thursday night and said that while they are used to training manoeuvres at the camp, last Thursday's exercise was the loudest in memory.

A spokesperson for the Defence Forces told The Avondhu that they are very restricted in where they can carry out their training programmes, but want to minimise the upset caused to locals.

The spokesperson added that it is normal policy to inform locals when carrying out heavy demolition exercises during daytime at the camp, but not the shell exercises at night.

However, following complaints this week, they now intend to inform people of late-night firing of shells.

Anyone can be added to their text and e-mail alerts on request – just contact Kilworth camps.