Gardaí are issuing a warning to the public about the serious dangers associated with using fireworks at Hallowe’en; a danger that leads to injuries for many children and young people each year, including the loss of limbs and serious eye injuries.

Gardaí said it should be borne in mind that the sale, possession or use of fireworks in Ireland is illegal.

Officers will confiscate any fireworks found in the possession of persons, and such persons are also liable to prosecution.

In addition there is a specific offence under law for throwing any ignited fireworks in public places.

The only exception to these laws is where a 'professional' type firework display is authorised under permit.

Apart from the risk of injury, fireworks can cause great distress and annoyance to elderly residents, they can set off intruder alarms causing unnecessary extra demands on Garda resources. They can also cause great distress to family pets and animals.

Preparations, meanwhile, are underway for a bonfire in Kilworth, with various items including a sofa and timber being stockpiled ahead of Hallowe’en later this month.