Colette Sheehan, Margaret McCarthy and Sarah Cremin pictured during rehersals.

While the politicians are putting the final touches to their campaigns for election day so are the preparations going extremely well for the members of the Kilworth Dramatic Society with their upcoming production of Sam Cree’s comedy ‘Cupid Wore Skirts.

This is a hilarious comedy in three acts. Unfortunately due to the election day the group will only be performing this play for 5 performances, so make sure that you put one of the following dates into your diary.

The play opens on Saturday, February 27th and runs for the following nights Sunday, February 28th and again on the following weekend, March 4th to Sunday, March 6th. Commencement time is 8.15pm nightly and the venue is the community hall (next to St Martin’s Church), Kilworth.

Andrew Coulter (Liam Kenny) is blissfully happy living comfortably at home with his father (Charlie McCarthy) and his son Brian (Nathan Roche). He is an antique dealer and runs a shop.

Andrew’s daughter Daphne (Beibhinn Kenneally) is a newly married woman and plots to get her father married again as she feels that her father needs a new wife. At the same time Brian wants a lead singer for his group and he puts an add into the local paper.

At the same time Daphne also puts an ad into the paper looking for an eligible woman for her father.

And yes you have guessed it. Unfortunately the adds get mixed up and this leads to panic and a lot of stress to Andrew.

Sexy Ingrid (Sarah Cremin) comes in answer to the add but due to granddad being hard of hearing, the lines of communication are completely mixed up. Two more women answer the add – one being a man-eater (Colette Sheehan) and the other a very gentle looking lady (Margaret McCarthy), well she looks gentle anyway.

Andrew’s sister-in-law Harriet (Patricia Coughlan) is not very happy with the situation. How will Andrew get out of this situation. Well, leave it to Ronnie (Brian Carey) a male friend of Andrew’s – no more to be said at this stage about Ronnie.

What will happen at all to Andrew? Well you will just have to come along and see the play for yourself. This production is in the capable hands of producer Mick Twomey. On the opening night the raffle will be for the newly formed Kilworth Camogie Club.

It is with great pride that we are able to announce that the group will be taking the play to the West Waterford Drama Festival in Ballyduff this year on Friday, March 11th.

Looking forward to meeting with you all over the nights of the performance of ‘Cupid Wore Skirts’.