High tech devices including tablets, notebooks and flat screen televisions have overtaken “white goods” as the products most in demand for appliance protection cover, according to a leading Irish insurance provider. And cracked tablet screens are the top reason for claims on appliance policies, figures from Allianz Global Assistance Ireland reveal.

So with so many consumers dreaming of an e-Christmas and planning to buy high tech gadgets as gifts, it is important to put insurance cover on the shopping list also.

An analysis by Allianz Global Assistance Ireland of its appliance protection business in 2016, reveals that tablets are the most popular product customers are seeking insurance cover for. This is followed by notebooks, flat screens, washing machines, printers and dryers.

Meanwhile, a cracked tablet screen is the top reason for claims on protection policies. This is followed by a faulty washing machine drum, no picture on a flat screen, a cracked flat screen, laptop hard drive failure and a heating element fault in a dryer or oven.

According to Roland Hesse, Country Manager for Allianz Global Assistance in Ireland, people should seriously consider taking out adequate insurance cover when they are buying devices and flat screens this Christmas, giving peace of mind when a manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

“In the next few weeks, millions of euro will be spent on purchasing a wide range of high tech devices as Christmas presents. Many households will also be upgrading their tvs so they can enjoy hours of viewing time over the holiday season. While they will be rightly seeking out the best value possible, we strongly advise they don’t take short cuts when it comes to having proper appliance protection cover. That can prove more costly in the long run.”

Mr. Hesse said that due to technological advancements, flat screens have been come thinner and more fragile in an effort to create a better picture. Yet most flat screen televisions come with only a one year guarantee.

“The average flat screen repair costs are now €280. And the average cost of a replacement flat screen is between €600 and €699. So it is an expensive business when something goes wrong,” she said.

The top six most popular appliances covered by Allianz Global Assistance Ireland in 2016 were: 1. Tablet, 2. Notebook, 3. Flat screen, 4. Washing Machine, 5. Printer, 6. Dryer.

While the top six reasons for appliance protection claims, in 2016 were: 1. Cracked tablet screen; 2. Drum not spinning in a washing machine; 3. No picture on a flat screen; 4. Cracked flat screen; 5. Lap top hard drive failure; 6. Element failure in a dryer or oven.