Corrin Mart Report

This exceptional Char weighed 740kgs, and made €1,720 this week in Corrin mart.

This week at Corrin mart we started with our sheep sale. Numbers of sheep at this time of the year might be small but the trade certainly wasn’t.

Super demand was evident for all weights and we have lots of customers looking for quality butchers sheep.

Tuesday’s cattle sale surprised us. Taking the cold week and increased workload on farms into consideration we expected numbers to be reduced a lot. Also with factory prices on the slide again we were nervous about the trade. But good numbers showed and our buyers from every corner of the country bid strongly for all lots.


A large entry of dry cows again this week met a very strong lively trade for all cows.

Store cows: 400 to 550kgs making from €1.15 per kilo to €1.55 per kilo.

Heavier cows: 550 kgs+ making from €1.20 per kilo up to €1.70 per kilo.

BB. 860kg €1,390; Fr. 580kg €860; Fr. 760kg €1,100.

AA blks weighing 218kgs, made €550 in Corrin this week.


The bullock trade was very lively today. There was an exceptional trade for light stores with great demand for AA and her types. Medium stores were also in good demand and heavier bullocks were marginally improved on last week.

Light stores: under 350kgs made from €1.55 per kilo for plain Friesians up to €2.40 for continental bullocks. With AA/Her types making from €2.02 per kilo up to €2.34 per kilo.

Medium stores: 350kgs to 500kgs staring at €1.60 for Friesians up to €2.28 per kilo for continentals. AA/Her bullocks made from €1.95 up to €2.16 per kilo.

Frwd stores: 500 to 600kgs. The plainer Friesians started at €1.55 per kilo up to €2.37 per kilo for Cont. Her/AA made from €1.90 up to €2.10 per kilo.

Heavy Bullocks: 600 kgs+. Good demand for heavy bullocks making from €1.90 up to €2.32 per kilo.

Her 273kgs €640; AA 345kgs €730; CH 740kgs €1,720; AA 590kgs €1,230; Her 335kgs €720; CH 545kgs €1,290; FR 570kgs €1,040.


Heifers were back in demand this week after last week’s little dip.

Store heifers: under 400kgs made from €1.90 up to €2.48 per kilo. AA/Her averaged at €2.08 per kilo.

Butchers heifers: 400kgs+. These type of heifers made from €1.90 up to €2.15 per kilo, with AA/Her averaging at €2.02 per kilo.

CH 625kgs €1,340; AA 525kgs €1,080; Lim 262kgs €650; HER 345kgs €690; AA 297kgs €660.


Our calf sale is now on Wednesday’s at 1pm. Numbers are just starting to rise, this week Fr Bulls made from €40 to €140.

HER/AA Bulls from €140 to €335 and heifers from €120 to €200.


Very strong trade for all sheep with all weights and ewes showing a marked improvement. Factory weights averaged at €2.64. Butchers weights averaged €2.85 per kilo.

53kg €166; 49kg €148; 48kg €144; 54kg €156; 51kg €142.


We have a dairy sale on this Friday, please contact the mart for details.