Corrin Mart Report

314kg Hereford bullocks made €890 in Corrin earlier this week.

The great prices that we have been enjoying for the last number of weeks ensured that we had a larger sale than would have been expected at this time of year. 

The trade and demand continued with an exceptional trade especially for store cattle.


A really super trade for dry cows this week.

Store cows: 400kgs to 550kgs making from €1.45 per kilo to €2.47per kilo.

Heavier cows: 550kgs+ making from €1.88 per kilo up to €2.60 per kilo.

Hereford 645kg €1,670; Charolais 890kg €2,060; Friesians 455kg €1,100.

These bullocks weighing 648kgs made €1,890 this week in Corrin Mart.


Great demand for all breeds and weights.

Light stores: under 350kgs made from €1.72 per kilo for plain Friesians up to €3.10 for Continental bullocks. With AA/Hereford types making from €2.30 per kilo up to €2.98 per kilo.

Medium stores: 350kgs to 500kgs starting at €1.75 for Friesians up to €3.00 per kilo for Continentals. AA/Hereford bullocks made from €2.35 up to €2.81 per kilo.

Fwd. stores: 500kgs to 600kgs: The plainer Friesians started at €2.00 per kilo up to €3.05 per kilo.

Heavy bullocks: 600kgs+. Extraordinary demand for heavy bullocks making from €2.30 up to €3.19 per kilo.

AA 626kgs €1,860; Charolais 705kgs €2,250; Hereford 314kg €890; AA 334kgs €930.


Very strong trade for heifers.

Store heifers: under 400kgs made from €2.28 up to €2.93 per kilo. AA/Hereford averaged at €2.38 per kilo.

Butchers heifers: 400kgs+: These type heifers made from €2.35 up to €3.00 per kilo, with AA/Hereford averaging at €2.43 per kilo.

BB  575kgs €1,710; Limousin  328kgs €960; SH  513kgs €1,500; AA 618kgs €1,790.