Corrin Mart Report

The very lively trade continued again this week in Corrin Mart.

Numbers of cattle on offer were huge this week, which is ideal, given the demand that we have for all types of cattle for the last few weeks.

And this demand looks like continuing while the determining factors remain favourable.


Very strong trade for all cows again this week.

Store cows: 400 to 550kgs making from €1.45 per kilo to €1.90 per kilo.

Heavier cows: 550 kgs+ making from €1.55 per kilo up to €2.26 per kilo.

Limousin 635kg €1,440; Friesian 655kg €1,250; Friesian 590kg €1,000.

These AA bullocks weighing 340kgs made €850 at Corrin Mart earlier this week.


Super demand for all bullocks again this week.

Light stores: under 350kgs made from €1.60 per kilo for plain Friesians and up to €2.80 for Continental bullocks. With AA/Hereford types making from €2.10 per kilo up to €2.45 per kilo.

Medium stores: 350kgs to 500kgs starting at €1.60 for Friesian up to €2.54 per kilo for Continentals. AA/Hereford bullocks made from €2.08 up to €2.38 per kilo.

Fwd. stores: 500 to 600kgs. The plainer Friesian started at €1.65 per kilo up to €2.47 per kilo for AA.

Heavy bullocks: 600 kgs+. Good demand for heavy bullocks making from €2.00 up to €2.48 per kilo.

Limousin 326kgs €930; AA 550kgs €1,360; Hereford 390kgs €930; AA 690kgs €1,680; Friesian 490kgs €980.

Hereford bullocks weighing 460kgs made €1,020 at Corrin Mart on Tuesday.


Slight improvement on last week’s strong trade.

Store heifers: under 400kgs made from €2.02 up to €2.67 per kilo. AA/Hereford averaged at €2.10 per kilo.

Butchers heifers: 400kgs+. These type heifers made from €2.05 up to €2.40 per kilo, with AA/Hereford averaging at €2.12 per kilo.

AA 400kgs €960; Limousin 310kgs €830; AA 490kgs €1,140; AA 590kgs €1,380.


Strong demand for all calves.

Hereford/AA bulls €165 to €395; Heifers €90 to €225.