Cork Airport switches to 100% green electricity

Pictured at the announcement of a deal that will see Cork Airport switch to 100% green electricity, were: Danny Mills, Electric Ireland, Customer Relationship Manager; Bill Daly, Head of Asset Care, Cork Airport; Dorothy Coffey, General Manager, Operations & Safety, Cork Airport and Cormac Murphy, Director of Energy Services.

A new deal to supply 8 million kwh of green electricity per annum to Cork Airport has been announced, forming part of Cork Airport’s sustainability strategy and Carbon Management Plan.

The contract was negotiated through Energy Services Limited based in Cork, DAA Procurement and Cork Airport Management and this latest investment is part of Cork Airport’s push to grow its business in a sustainable manner. Electric Ireland will be the provider.

While passenger numbers are expected to increase by over 8% this year, Cork Airport remains on course to continuously reduce energy consumption year on year since 2009.

Cork Airport has previously won the SEAI Public Sector Energy award and has already surpassed the 2020 National Public Sector Energy Reduction Targets which are validated annually through the SEAI’s Monitoring and Reporting Programme.

The airport is committed to responsible energy management and has developed a Carbon Management Plan that promotes energy efficiency throughout the campus and supports other scheduled energy reduction, water conservation and waste reduction initiatives.