Contentment in retirement?

(Picture: sakkmesterke/123RF)

An overall positive experience of retirement and pension planning has been recorded in Munster, with nine in ten (94%) retirees in the province saying that they are happy in retirement, the highest level of contentment nationally.

While the figure is comparable with Connacht/Ulster (93%), it’s significantly higher than people in Leinster (75% on average). In terms of financial preparedness, the people in Munster were on par with the national average of 35%.

However, when it comes to social preparedness, they surpassed the national average of 45%, with half of those who responded (50%) saying they are socially prepared for retirement.

More generally, findings from Standard Life’s latest Retirement Pulse indicate varying degrees of knowledge nationally on pensions and retirement. Most significantly, the survey results illustrated a lack of knowledge surrounding auto-enrolment with over 70% of respondents stating they were unaware of or lacking information on the government scheme.

Findings also show diverging opinions regarding the ideal age to commence pension contributions. On average, pension holders started contributing to their pensions at 28 years old, whereas non-retired adults without a pension believe that 31 is a suitable age to begin.