Thousands of motorists prepare to take to the roads this May bank holiday weekend.

Research has found that constant talking and not paying attention to the road ahead is the most annoying driver trait for one in five passengers.

This was followed by drivers who drive too fast, those who have a messy car and drivers that don’t use their indicators.


When it came to describing themselves as a passenger, respondents to the survey ranked the following as the top five passenger types:

1. The reluctant co-pilot; 2. The snoozer; 3. The music lover; 4. The backseat driver; 5. The chatter box.

It can be a challenge to keep children entertained on a long journey but the family favourite game of I spy continues to be a firm favourite for 38 percent of respondents to the survey, undertaken by mobility solutions specialist easytrip, edging ahead of video games and portable DVD players.

Other activities included sing-alongs, reading books or playing with toys.