According to a recent report, 65% of office workers have experienced office rage, while 45% of staff regularly lose their temper at work.

Two-thirds of people (66%) experience stress and anxiety before having a difficult conversation and many would rather avoid the situation altogether.

This causes coworkers to disengage as it gets harder to express themselves, leading to stress, overthinking and underperformance in work.

Angry Inbox – a simple service which aims to stop people from sending impulsive angry emails they might regret later – has been created by Connector, an Open Innovation Studio, to help people deal with the urge to send resentful emails, assisting them to develop self-management skills and deal with these troubles at work.

Connector’s goal is to improve the way people deal with their negative emotions which leads to better conversations and relationships.

Angry Box is straightforward to use. Just visit the website to obtain the email address to send your angry emails to.

The service provides instant responses with tips on how to deal with the situation and send you a follow-up email after 3 hours that will help you decide whether to hit send, delete it or perhaps, rewrite the email.

The three-hour timeframe is based on the study by Verduyn (2014) which observed that emotions such as shame, fear, humiliation, irritation, anger and stress don’t last more than three hours.

No download is needed and all messages are protected and deleted after 12 hours.