Young novice anglers in the area will be able to avail of one of a number of activities set to take place across the country as part of International Year of the Salmon, to help promote salmon conservation and the fisheries resource.

A world-wide initiative of the North Atlantic Salmon Organisation (NASCO) and the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (NPAFC), it is hoped that International Year of the Salmon will create a framework for international outreach and research, while also raising awareness of what humans can do to ensure salmon and their habitats are conserved and restored against a backdrop of several environmental factors.

Set to engage the public around the challenges facing salmon today, the Young Persons Day on the Blackwater Salmon Fishery, will allow young novice anglers to attend Blackwater Salmon Fishery for a free educational and fun filled introduction to fishing.

With spaces limited for the event on Saturday, June 22, booking is required in advance.

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