CBS Primary do school proud in national quiz final


CBS Primary do school proud in national quiz final

A day out in Dublin at the national finals of the Credit Union quiz, saw students from CBS Mitchelstown come home with their heads held high.

Sunday, 21 April 2013
12:00 AM GMT

The boys from the CBS Primary School in Mitchelstown performed very well and did their school proud, when they competed in the national final of the Credit Union Quiz for the under 11 category in Dublin.

Teacher and mentor, John Weir said that the four boys, Pierce Burke, Sean O'Connell, Ben Evans and Ben O'Sullivan, did very well in the competition, which saw 50 teams compete for top place. He added that they also did superbly well to get to the national final, as there were initially 3,200 teams entered and the CBS boys were among the 50 teams who qualified for the Dublin final.


Mr Weir said that the team started off brilliantly, they gained full marks in two rounds and were in joint top for a while, but unfortunately, some of the questions proved a little too difficult. He added that they would all love to do it again. However, they did the school very proud, got to meet RTE personality and presenter, Marty Whelan and all came home with a goodie bag and full of the excitement of the day.

Mr Weir thanked Mitchelstown Credit Union for all of their support and also the staff members in the school who gave up their time to help the team to prepare.

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