Following the announcement of a funding rollout for the installation of a number of e-charging points across the country, Cllr John Pratt asked if it would be possible to apply for that funding and consider Lismore as a location for a charging point. 

“I still think that Lismore is an area that if it was possible, could benefit from something like that because of the tourist nature of Lismore. I don't know if this is a possibility but maybe we could look for it going forward,” said Cllr Pratt. 

Director of Services for the Environment Ray Moloney, said that the ESB secured €20 million in funding to roll out a system of charging points but the rollout is primarily based around the national primary network and doesn't include rural locations.

He also explained that an application was made by Waterford City and County Council to be considered through a different scheme but also under the Climate Action Fund.

However, the local authority were unsuccessful in being selected in the first tranche, but he said he hoped an application would be resubmitted. 

“You are correct in what you are saying, there's no public charging point west of Dungarvan, so it needs to be looked at,” agreed Mr Moloney.