The Bessborough Centre, Blackrock, Cork city former children's home operated by the Sacred Heart nuns. (Picture: Provision)

In life and in death, babies who died at Bessborough were considered disposable, and to be born in the Cork mother and baby home in the early 1940s was akin to a death sentence.


Just over a year ago, I obtained through a Freedom of Information request to the General Register Office (GRO) the death certificate details of 816 children registered as dying at the Bessborough mother and baby home, at the adjacent Sacred Heart Maternity Hospital, or after transfer to St Finbarr’s Hospital. They make for grim reading.

The first baby registered as dying at Bessborough is Nora Cronin, who was five months old when she died in on Saturday 30 December, 1922. Her cause of death listed as “gastric convulsions”. Over the following 72 years hundreds more would die, the majority of those deaths occurring in the first three decades of the home’s existence.

Between 1922 and 1998 the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary ran Bessborough as a mother and baby home. During that time, 9,768 mothers and 8,938 babies were admitted. According to the final report of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation, which was published yesterday, 923 children in the care of Bessborough died.

Last year, the commission cited “small” discrepancies between Bessborough’s records and those given to the GRO, but the records accessed by the commission show that 107 more babies died – or were said to have died – in the care of Bessborough than were actually certified by the GRO. Such discrepancies can only compound survivors’ long-held and often-confirmed suspicions surrounding false reporting, vaccine trials and forced adoptions.

The numbers and attributed causes of death reveal that Bessborough is clearly a tale of two eras: pre-1945 and post-1945. Survivor testimony says the home remained an unforgiving place long after 1945, but in terms of sheer scale, it’s worth noting that of the 816 deaths notified to the GRO, 659 occurred before 1945.

Between 1922 and 1930, 81 babies are certified as having died at Bessborough, an average of nine per year, with the average age at death 32 weeks. The leading reported causes of death were marasmus (a medical term relating to starvation), accounting for 31 deaths, and gastroenteritis accounting for 19 deaths.

Between 1931 and 1940, 267 children died at Bessborough, their average age at death 13.5 days. Marasmus accounted for 72 deaths, gastroenteritis for 33 deaths.

Between 1941 and 1950, 364 children are certified as having died, 311 between 1941 and 1945, their average age at death 13 weeks. Congenital illnesses were the leading reported cause of death, accounting for 102 deaths. Gastroenteritis accounted for 41 deaths, and marasmus accounted for 38.

One of the cards on the teddy bears laid at the gates of Bessborough during the Bessborough Mother and Baby Support Group memorial service in Cork. (Picture: Provision)

“To be born in Bessborough in the early 1940s was almost certainly a death sentence,” according to Professor Louise Kenny, of the University of Liverpool, who told me that the majority of children born in Bessborough then died of what were then entirely preventable illnesses.

“These kids were not dying from sepsis, measles, or illnesses not treatable at the time; some were dying simply because they were considered disposable.”

Ireland’s infant mortality rate – relating to babies dying in the first year of life – was 66 deaths per 1,000 births (6.6%) between 1941 and 1950, while in Bessborough the rate for the same period was 360 deaths per 1,000 births. A baby born in Bessborough between 1941 and 1950 was over six times more likely to die in infancy than a baby born in the general population.

Between April 1943 and March 1944, 124 babies were either born at Bessborough or admitted there after birth, while 102 children were officially certified as having died there, with government inspection reports at the time citing an 82% infant mortality rate in the home.

“I’ve never seen so high an infant mortality rate, not even in the most famine-stricken parts of Africa,” Professor Kenny says.

Noting the high incidence of deaths attributed to marasmus and gastro-enteritis at Bessborough, Kenny suggests gastro-enteritis appears to have been used as a catch-all term. “The records reveal a callous disregard for accuracy.”

As Conall Ó Fatharta reported previously in the Irish Examiner, a June 1941 government inspection report found that the matron, Mother Gleeson, had no qualifications in supervising maternity care. It suggested a “tendency to discourage breastfeeding” might be partly responsible for Bessborough’s soaring infant mortality rate. In a chilling response, Gleeson denied this, saying that women were in fact forced to breastfeed.

A subsequent 1943 report found that, of the 27 babies in the nursery aged between three weeks to nine months, only eight were breastfed and only three fully.

“The greater number were miserable scraps of humanity, wizened, some emaciated and almost all had rash and sores all over their bodies, faces, hands and heads.”

A note with flowers left at the Bessborough Mother and Child Home in Cork. (Picture: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision)

In 1945 Dr James Deeny, Chief Medical Advisor, travelled to Bessborough, discovering: “Every baby had some purulent infection of the skin and all had green diarrhoea, carefully covered up.”

Acting without legal authority, Deeny ordered that the home be closed, and he sacked Mother Gleeson and the home’s medical officer, Dr JT O’Connor.

O’Connor had claimed Bessborough’s 82% infant mortality rate was due to “illegitimate” children sometimes failing to digest breast milk, their gestation period being – he said – different to that of children of marriage because their mothers are “overcome with stress at their condition”.

Bessborough reopened under Mother Rosemonde in September 1945, and conditions improved dramatically, with annual infant deaths dropping to single figures within two years, where they stayed for the following five decades.

Bessborough remained a cruel place, according to June Goulding, a midwife there from 1951, writing in her 1998 memoir The Light in the Window that women were denied pain relief during labour.

It’s hard, trawling through the data from Bessborough’s early decades, not to question the truthfulness of the language used. Other questions arise. How many of the mothers were rape victims? Were children certified as dying of “congenital debility” in fact Disabled children who were allowed to die? And did they all actually die? Or, as a 2012 HSE report worried, were records falsified to cover up illegal adoptions?

Some children are reported as dying of “congenital syphilis”, but for all the implicit and unjust judgement of the mothers in that, never once is there a mention of the fathers. And – again – given how obviously the nuns generalised, obfuscated and outright lied, there is little reason to trust them in this instance.

Between 1931 and 1975, the occupations of deceased babies were recorded. Of 676 children, 628 were listed as “child of domestic servant”. Thirty-five were “child of farmer’s daughter”.

Five were “child of schoolgirl”.

If, as Professor Kenny suggests, some Bessborough babies died because they were considered “disposable” in life, then many were disposable in death too.

The bodies and burial records of over 800 children are missing, and the Commission of Investigation concluded last year that it is “highly likely” that some of those babies may be buried on the Bessborough grounds.

With a planning application under consideration for 246 flats on the former Bessborough grounds, Taoiseach Micheál Martin last month told Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire TD that he was not sure the land should be developed.

Bridget Walsh has welcomed publication of the Bessborough names. Bridget’s baby William died unnecessarily in the home in 1960, and I had the privilege, six years ago, of being the first journalist to whom Bridget spoke.

“The babies had so little in life,” Bridget said, “but the least anyone deserves is a name.

“Maybe now people know their names, maybe the babies seem more like real people to them, and maybe too the babies know that they were loved, like my William was loved.”

On Wednesday, 10 August, 1994, a two-day-old baby girl named Zoei Bonny died at St Finbarr’s Hospital, Cork. Her cause of death was certified as “Bilateral pneumothoraces due to arterial ventilation”.

Of the 816 Bessborough babies certified as having died in the home, or in St Finbarr’s, Zoei is the most recent.

Friends and relations laying their tributes at the gates of Bessborough during the Bessborough Mother and Baby Support Group memorial service in Cork. (Picture: Provision)

The Bessborough Babies

Here are the death certificate details of the 816 children registered at the General Register Office as having died at the Bessborough mother and baby home, at the adjacent Sacred Heart Maternity Hospital, or after transfer to St Finbarr’s Hospital.

While these details are in the public record, and are available to all, I decided to redact the surnames of the babies born after 1970, with two exceptions: Zoei Bonny, who was the last child registered as having died in the care of Bessborough, and whose mother gave me permission to use her full name; and Evelyn O’Gorman, who was born in 1971, and whose mother, Ann, has spoken on the record about her search for Evelyn. I should add that while Evelyn was actually born in July 24, 1971, her birth certificate records the date as July 24, 1972, and her death certificate is similarly a year later than it should be.

I am aware that this redaction could be seen as an arbitrary decision, but I did not wish to cause any hurt or pain to any of the mothers who might be identified from their babies’ surnames.

If you are a survivor of Bessborough, or a relative, and if there might be any way in which I might be of assistance, I would ask that you please contact me at    


Nora Cronin.  Five months. Died 30 December 1922. Gastric convulsions.


Patrick Creedon. Five months. Died 12 March 1923. Premature birth debility.

John Coughlan. Five months. Died 26 March 1923. Debility gastritis.

Mary Daly. 14 months. Died 25 April 1923. Tuberculosis.

John Buckley. Two months. Died 3 May 1923. Enteritis.

Patrick Mahony. 11 months. Died 23 1923. Asthma.

Patrick Sullivan. Nine weeks. Died 28 May 1923. Gastroenteritis.

Percy McDonald. Six weeks. 28 August 1923. Gastroenteritis.

Denis McCarthy. Two months. 29 October1923. Debility cardiac.

Denis Carroll. Five weeks. 18 November 1923. Premature birth debility.

Peter Fielding. Six months. Died 26 December 1923. Meningitis.


John Condon. Seven weeks. Died 27 January 1924. Marasmus.

Kate Cronin. Six weeks. Died 29 March 1924. Debility cardiac.

John Driscoll. Four months. Died 3 April 1924. Tuberculosis.

Patrick Santary. Five months. Died 24 July 1924. Debility.

Mary Crowe. 15 weeks. Died 27 July 1924. Debility gastroenteritis.

Richard O’Mahony. 15 weeks. Died 7 October 1924. Marasmus.

Hannah Grogan. Six weeks. Died 20 October 1924. Marasmus.

Daniel O’Connor. Ten weeks. Died 28 October 1924. Marasmus.

John O’Connor. Five-and-a-half months. Died 21 November 1924. Marasmus.


John Walsh. Six weeks. Died 28 January 1925. General debility.

Mary O’Leary. 11 weeks. Died 28 January 1925. General debility.

Joseph Horgan. One year. Died 21 May 1925. Pertussis and pneumonia cardiac failure.

Mary Gibbon. Three months. Died 10 September 1925. Gastroenteritis.

Mary Murphy. Four-and-a-half months. Died 17 September 1925. Gastroenteritis.

Mary Keane. Nine weeks. 8 October 1925. Gastroenteritis.

Elizabeth Walsh. Four-and-a-half months. Died 13 October 1925. Marasmus.

Philip Donovan. 13 weeks. Died 25 October 1925. Gastroenteritis.

Bridget Grady. Seven months. Died 5 December 1925. Marasmus.


Bridget Hope. Ten months. Died 21 February 1926. Tuberculosis.

William Patrick Kiely. One year. Died 12 March 1926. Tuberculosis.

John Phelan. One year, 11 months. Died 19 May 1926. Tuberculosis.

James Comerford. Six weeks. Died 9 June 1926. Marasmus and exhaustion.

James Neenan. 11 months. Died 9 June 1926. Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Patrick Rossiter. Five months. Died 16 June 1926. Tuberculosis.

Mary Donovan. Five weeks. Died 28 July 1926. Marasmus.

Kathleen Collins. Seven months. Died 27 August 1926. Gastroenteritis.

John Donovan. Four months. Died 27 August 1926. Marasmus.

John Harrington. Four months. Died 28 August 1926. Marasmus.

Bridget Joyce. Two months. Died 29 September 1926. Premature birth debility.

Thomas Haberlin. Four months. Died 16 December 1926. Marasmus.

Gerald Walsh. Three months. Died 29 December 1926. Marasmus.


Kathleen Brackett. Five months. Died 23 February 1927. Tuberculosis.

Christopher Wright. Three months. Died 12 March 1927. Gastroenteritis.

Mary Power. Ten months. Died 18 March 1927. Tuberculosis convulsions.

Josephine Horgan. Seven months. Died 24 March 1927. Gastroenteritis.

William Egan. 11 months. Died 4 April 1927. Marasmus.

James Murphy. Nine months. Died 10 April 1927. Tuberculosis.

Mary O’Connor. Two months. 20 May 1927. Marasmus.

Peter McCarthy. Three years, three months. Died 15 July 1927. Tuberculosis.

Thomas Nolan. Seven weeks. Died 23 July 1927. Marasmus.

Margaret O’Regan. Six weeks. Died 25 August 1927. Marasmus.

Denis O’Neil. Nine months. Died 9 September 1927. Tuberculosis.

Mary T. Lusk. Five months. Died 22 September 1927. Gastroenteritis convulsions.

Annie Tyrell. Seven months. Died 15 October 1927. Tuberculosis.

Kathleen Tobin. Three months. Died 18 October 1927. Tuberculosis.

Michael Thompson. Two months. Died 19 December 1927. Marasmus.


Joseph Cody. Five months. Died 10 March 1928. Gastroenteritis convulsions.

Joseph Grace. One month. Died 28 May 1928. Marasmus.

John Grace. Six weeks. Died 22 June 1928. Marasmus.

John Swanton. Two weeks. Died 26 June 1928. Marasmus.

Patrick Murphy. Four years. Died 6 August 1928. Tuberculosis meningitis.

Rose Deneffe. 11 months. Died 30 September 1928. Gastroenteritis.

Thomas Cooney. Four months. Died 7 October 1929. Meningitis.

Mary Crowe. Three months. Died 8 October 1929. Marasmus.

Peter Howard. 12 months. Died 15 October 1928. Gastroenteritis.

William O’Connor. Four months. Died 15 October 1928. Gastroenteritis.

George Dowd. Four months. Died 21 October 1928. Gastroenteritis.

Michael O’Keeffe. Three months. Died 15 November 1928. Marasmus.

Hannah Kirby. Five months. Died 26 November 1928. Marasmus.

John Jeffers. Five years. Died 27 November 1928. Tuberculosis.

Teresa Kelly. Seven weeks. Died 6 December 1928. Marasmus.


John Smyth. Two months. Died 3 September 1929. Marasmus.

Joseph Booth. Nine months. Died 14 October 1929. Gastroenteritis.

Patrick Ring. Six months. Died 13 December 1929. Marasmus.


Joseph Purcell. 11 months. Died 25 April 1930. Bronchitis.

John Sullivan. Seven months. Died 1 May 1930. Marasmus.

Mary Flynn. Two months. Died 4 May 1930. Marasmus.

John Mahony. Eight months. Died 27 May 1930. Whooping cough.

John Dromey. 12 months. Died 10 June 1930. Marasmus.

Patrick Kelly. Three months. Died 3 May 1930. Marasmus.


John Gleeson. One-and-a-half years. Died 7 January 1931. Gastroenteritis and exhaustion.

Ellen Walsh. Two days. Died 11 January 1931. Twin birth premature.

James Walsh. Twelve months. Died 2 March 1931. Broncho-pneumonia.

William Donovan. Seven weeks. Died 23 March 1931. Premature birth cardiac.

Mary Dineen. 17 days. Died 23 April 1931. Asphyxia due to partial atelectasis.

Patricia Spillane. Seven weeks. Died 4 May 1931. Marasmus.

James Meehan. 17 hours. Died 8 May 1931. Tuberculosis.

Patrick O’Mara. Nine weeks. Died 14 May 1931. Marasmus.

Patrick Flynn. Seven weeks. Died 16 May 1931. Gastroenteritis.

Maura Atkinson. Eight weeks. Died 19 May 1931. Gastroenteritis.

Patricia Neligan. Three months and three weeks. Died 26 June 1931. Marasmus.

Geraldine Creedon. Three hours. Died 31 August 1931. Marasmus.

Richard Kenneally. Six weeks. Died 3 September 1931. Enteritis.

John Kelly. Six weeks. Died 5 September 1931. Chronic enteritis.

Annie O’Keeffe. Six weeks. Died 19 September 1931. Malformation of palette malnutrition.

Teresa Corbert. Eight weeks. Died 22 September 1931. Tuberculosis.

Annie Brien. Three months. Died 30 September 1931. Congenital heart.

Brian Anthony Gavigan. Eight weeks. Died 3 October 1931. Marasmus.

Kathleen Deneffe. Ten weeks. Died 12 October 1931. Gastroenteritis.

Nellie Mary O’Mahony. Ten weeks. Died 12 October 1931. Marasmus.

Brendan Masterson. Ten weeks. Died 25 October 1931. Gastroenteritis.

Patrick Scannell. Five weeks. Died 29 October 1931. Marasmus.

James Crowley. Two months. Died 31 October 1931. Gastroenteritis.

Michael Quinn. Three weeks. Died 15 November 1931. General debility.

Mary Teresa Devlin. Three months. Died 23 November 1931. Bronchitis.

Malachy Foley. Four months. Died 18 December 1931. Marasmus.

Joseph Flemming. Four weeks. Died 27 December 1931. Marasmus.


Mary Ryan. 11 weeks. Died 16 January 1932. Marasmus cardiac failure.

Teresa Coffey. Nine weeks. Died 23 March 1932. Marasmus.

Mary Teresa. Five months. Died 9 March 1932. Marasmus.

Patrick O’Leary. Eight months. Died 10 March 1932. Broncho pneumonia.

Joseph Cashman. Five weeks. Died 20 March 1932. Marasmus.

Margaret Riordan. Three months. Died 28 March 1932. Marasmus.

Thomas O’Donnell. Three months. Died 10 April 1932. Marasmus.

David Power. Eight days. Died 2 May 1932. Congenital heart.

Mary Philomena. Seven months. Died 7 December 1932. Marasmus.


Januara Murphy. Six months. Died 12 March 1933. Marasmus.

Kathleen O’Shaughnessy. One-and-a-half hours. Died 23 May 1933. Atelectasis pulmonum.

Robert Doyle. Three weeks. Died 11 June 1933. Marasmus.

Francis Bohan. 11 weeks. Died 19 June 1933. Marasmus.

John O’Leary. Five minutes. Died 2 July 1933. Atelectasis pulmonum.

Anthony Enright. Ten days. Died 17 July 1933. Premature birth.

Edward Ivers. One day. Died 27 July 1933. Premature birth.

Patrick Joseph. Eight months. Died 14 August 1933. Marasmus.

Michael O’Keeffe. Three months. Died 18 August 1933. Marasmus.

Catherine Lynch. Four months. Died 5 September 1933. Marasmus.

Celene Harty. Four months. Died 21 September 1933. Debility.

Brendan Buckley. Three months. Died 17 October 1933. Bronchitis.

Olive O’Connor. Three months. Died 28 October 1933. Gastroenteritis.

Vincent McCarthy. Three months. Died 21 October 1933. Marasmus.

Winifred Sullivan. Seven weeks. Died 31 October 1933. Gastroenteritis.

Rose Strange. Two months. Died 4 November 1933. Gastroenteritis.

Francis Crowley. One month. Died 5 November 1933. Premature birth.

Enda Donovan. Nine weeks. Died 18 November 1933. Gastroenteritis.

Monica Green. 15 weeks. Died 21 November 1933. Gastroenteritis.

Louis O’Brien. Four months. Died 22 December 1933. Pneumonia.


Mary O’Mahony. Three months. Died 5 February 1934. Congenital heart.

Irene Horgan. Fourteen weeks. Died 8 February 1934. Premature birth.

Ellen Barrett. Six months. Died 13 February 1934. Meningitis.

Patrick Mullins. 15 weeks. Died 13 February 1934. Bronchitis.

Albert O’Leary. Two months. Died 22 February 1934. Premature birth cardiac.

Maurice Healy. 16 weeks. Died 22 February 1934. Influenza bronchitis.

Christopher Foley. Two months. Died 23 February 1934. Bronchitis.

Mary Teresa. Seven months. Died 4 March 1934. Tubercular meningitis.

Stephen Power. Two months. Died 13 March 1934. Marasmus.

Felix Mahony. Two months. Died 1 April 1934. Marasmus.

Michael Whelan. Three months. Died 2 April 1934. Marasmus.

Anne Ahern. Three days. Died 16 April 1934. Premature birth.

Andrew Sweetman. 12 weeks. Died 27 April 1934. Marasmus.

Monica Curran. 15 weeks. Died 4 May 1934. Marasmus.

Ita Higgins. Nine months. Died 9 June 1934. Haemorrhage of bowel.

Esther Donnelly. 11 weeks. Died 20 June 1934. Premature birth marasmus.

Margaret O’Connor. Six months. Died 23 June 1934. Pneumonia.

Mary Madle. Two months. Died 8 July 1934. Marasmus.

Josephine Sullivan. Five months. Died 13 July 1934. Marasmus.

Robert Healy. Four months. Died 28 July 1934. Marasmus convulsions.

Teresa Mahony. Six days. Died 10 August 1934. Congenital stenosis of intestines.

Mary Reilly. 15 weeks. Died 24 August 1934. Marasmus.

Brigid Gorman. 12 weeks. Died 28 August 1934. Marasmus.

Maurice Hennessy. 12 weeks. Died 2 September 1934. Tubercular peritonitis.

Laurence Barrett. 15 weeks. Died 3 September 1934. Bronchitis.

Joseph O’Shea. Four months. Died 18 September 1934. Bronchitis.

Eileen Cournane. Four Months. Died 11 October 1934. Broncho pneumonia.

Brigid Curtin. Nine weeks. Died 14 October 1934. Gastritis.

Madeline Neville. 18 weeks. Died 14 October 1934. Marasmus.

Josephine Maher. Four months. Died 19 October 1934. Broncho pneumonia.

Bernadette O’Neill. 11 weeks. Died 23 October 1934. Gastroenteritis.

Joseph Creedon. Three hours. Died 30 October 1934. Premature birth.

Anne O’Brien. Three months. Died 1 November 1934. Marasmus.

Paul Cuffe. 10 hours. Died 3 November 1934. Atelectasis pulmonum.

Augustine Regan. Nine weeks. Died 4 November 1934. Gastritis, tubercular peritonitis.

Kathleen Walsh. Three months. Died 9 November 1934. Tubercular peritonitis.

Doreen Madden. Three months. Died 8 November 1934. Gastroenteritis.

Mary Shea. Three months. Died 9 November 1934. Tuberculosis.

Thomas Donovan. Two months. Died 11 December 1934. Marasmus.

Rita O’Neill. 12 months. Died 23 December 1934. Convulsions.


Patrick O’Rourke. Three months and three days. Died 27 January 1935. Marasmus.

James Browne. Three months. Died 31 January 1935. Bronchitis.

Joseph Bonus. Three months. Died 8 February 1935. Tubercular peritonitis.

Maurice Fitzgerald. Seven months. Died 9 February 1935. Influenza.

Mary O’Keeffe. Four months. Died 21 February 1935. Congestion of lung.

Michael Cogan. Three hours. Died 13 April 1935. Premature birth.

Martha Nolan. Six hours. Died 22 April 1935. Premature birth (twin).

Sean Fitzpatrick. Four months. Died 3 May 1935. Marasmus.

Mary Connolly. Three months. Died 7 May 1935. Marasmus.

Michael Coughlan. Three months. Died 12 May 1935. Tuberculosis.

Christopher Hannigan. Six months. Died 5 June 1935. Premature birth, bronchitis.

Anthony Meara. Five months. Died 6 June 1935. Gastroenteritis.

Mary Cashman. Six months. Died 31 July 1935. Gastroenteritis, cardiac failure.

Jeremiah McCarthy. Three months. Died 12 August 1935. Marasmus.

Mary Campion. Four months. Died 17 August 1935. Marasmus.

John Allen. 12 months. Died 19 August 1935. Gastroenteritis.

Brigid Donovan. Eight months. Died 22 August 1935. Gastroenteritis.

Mary Howard. Four months. Died 24 August 1935. Marasmus.

Nora Doody. Three months. Died 25 August 1935. Debility, gastroenteritis.

Juliana Mahony. Two months. Died 29 August 1935. Gastroenteritis.

Michael Shea. Seven weeks. Died 30 August 1935. Gastroenteritis.

Joseph Hickey. Four months. Died 27 September 1935. Marasmus.

Thomas Dwyer. 11 weeks. Died 27 October 1935. Bronchitis.

George O’Sullivan. Two months. Died 8 November 1935. Marasmus.

Declan Canavan. Three months. Died 18 November 1935. Gastrointestinal haemorrhage.

Kathleen Sullivan. Three months. Died 19 November 1935. Premature birth, marasmus.

Michael Shea. Two months. Died 23 December 1935. Gastroenteritis.

Denis Doyle. Four months. Died 25 December 1935. Spina bifida, cerebral meningitis.

Mary Teresa Kennedy. Three months. Died 29 December 1935. Marasmus.


Michael Lettic. Three months. Died 4 January 1936. Abscess of bowel.

Stephen O’Callaghan. Three months. Died 7 January 1936. Marasmus.

Patrick Page. Five minutes. Died 2 April 1936. Congenital deformity, atelectasis.

Peter O’Callaghan. Five weeks. Died 18 June 1936.

Joseph O’Dwyer. Five months. Died 9 July 1936.

“Newly born son of a Norah Cox.” “Newly born.” Died 19 August 1936.

Peter O’Brien. Ten months. Died 6 August 1936. Premature birth, debility.

Mary Stapleton. Ten days. Died 26 August 1936. Premature birth.

William Meade. Five weeks. Died 14 October 1936. Marasmus.

Patrick Mills. Five days. Died 16 December 1936. Premature birth, debility.

Paschal Minihan. Eight months. Died 29 December 1936. Bronchitis.


James Sullivan. Seven months. Died 7 February 1937. Congenital heart disease.

James Bailey. Seven months. Died 10 February 1937. Pneumonia.

Anthony Fogarty. Seven months. Died 17 February 1937. Influenza.

Anne Dunleavy. Two months. Died 19 February 1937. Bronchitis.

Mary Ryan. Three weeks. Died 28 February 1937. Premature birth.

Michael O’Donoghue. Seven weeks. Died 2 March 1937. Peritonitis.

Andrew Mahony. Four months. Died 15 March 1937. Meningitis.

Mary Brigid O’Connor. Three months. Died 16 March 1937. Premature, bronchitis.

Mary Kelly. Two months. Died 16 March 1937. Bronchitis.

Margaret Lynch. Two months. Died 17 March 1937. Marasmus, bronchitis.

Michael Condon. Two months. Died 20 March 1937. Bronchitis.

Michael Healy. Three months. Died 30 March 1937. Marasmus, convulsions.

Mary Lucey. Three months. Died 21 April 1937. Marasmus.

Mary Ellen McGuire. One month. Died 24 April 1937. Cellulitis.

Anthony Fennelly. Seven months. Died 29 April 1937. Pneumonia.

George Slaven. Three months. Died 7 May 1937. Marasmus.

Eileen O’Reilly. 11 weeks. Died 11 May 1937. Meningitis, convulsions.

Mary Howlin. One year and four months. Died 13 May 1937. Tuberculosis.

Patrick Joseph Lyons. Two years and 20 days. Died 1 June 1937. Premature birth debility.

Patrick Fenton. Three months. Died 13 June 1937. Marasmus.

James Leane. Four months. Died 7 June 1937. Congenital heart.

Mary Walsh. Five months. Died 8 June 1937. Atelectasis pulmonum.

Rita Walsh. Three months. Died 24 June 1937. Premature birth, marasmus.

Thomas Higgins. Two months. Died 19 July 1937. Marasmus.

Carmel Pigott. Two minutes. Died 19 July 1937. Asphyxia.

Francis O’Riordan. Seven weeks. Died 1 August 1937. Congenital heart.

Mary Reidy. Five weeks. Died 24 September 1937. Marasmus.

Elizabeth Clarke. Four months. Died 7 October 1937. Congenital disease of heart.

Anne Sullivan. Eight months. Died 21 October 1937. Pneumonia.

Anne Mullins. Three months. Died 20 November 1937. Marasmus.

Patrick Lenihan. Six months. Died 28 November 1937. Pneumonia.

Michael Reid. Four months. Died 4 December 1937. Bronchitis.

Dominic Cagney. Four months. Died 8 December 1937. Diarrhoea, cardiac.

Christopher Lyne. Seven months. Died 13 December 1937. Bronchitis.


Mary Flynn. Six months. Died 12 January 1938. Broncho pneumonia.

Francis Riordan. Two months. Died 18 January 1938. Premature birth, marasmus.

Joseph Brosnan. Six months. Died 20 January 1938. Pneumonia.

Kevin O’Brien. Three months. Died 25 February 1938. Marasmus, convulsions.

Brendan Riordan. Four months. Died 26 February 1938. Marasmus.

Kate Herlihy. Two months. Died 7 March 1938. Premature birth.

Mary O’Brien. Three months. Died 23 March 1938. Haemorrhage from bowel, anaemia.

Joan O’Sullivan. Ten months. Died 21 May 1938. Tubercular meningitis.

Patrick O’Mahony. One month. Died 6 June 1938. Marasmus.

Josephine Power. Three months. Died 10 June 1938. Twin birth convulsions.

Martin Deasy. Seven months. Died 15 June 1938. Marasmus.

Joseph Drake. Three days. Died 18 June 1938. Premature birth debility.

Patricia Power. Five months. Died 2 July 1938. Twin birth debility.

Mary Brigid Walsh. Four months. Died 13 July 1938. Congenital heart.

Anne Halloran. Four months. Died 19 July 1938. Congenital heart disease.

Teresa Cahill. Seven months. Died 20 July 1938. Bronchitis.

Monica Byrne. Two months. Died 28 July 1938. Marasmus.

Augustine Allen. Three months. Died 31 July 1938. Premature birth debility.

Catherine O’Sullivan. One month. Died 3 August 1938. Hereditary syphilis.

Kevin McGrath. One month. Died 3 August 1938. Congenital heart.

Anne O’Brien. Eight months. Died 12 August 1938. Premature birth, congenital syphilis.

Declan Norris. Ten weeks. Died 24 August 1938. Marasmus.

Gerard O’Keeffe. Three months. Died 26 August 1938. Tubercular meningitis.

Rita O’Shea. Two months. Died 5 September 1938. Marasmus.

Michael McCarthy. Two months. Died 7 September 1938. Marasmus.

Mary Boland. Five months. Died 7 September 1938. Vomiting and diarrhoea.

Margaret Moynihan. Five months. Died 8 September 1938.Voimiting and diarrhoea.

John Murphy. Four months. Died 13 September 1938. Marasmus.

Veronica Barrett. Five months. Died 22 September 1938. Infective enteritis.

Anne Flynn. Three months. Died 27 September 1938. Infective enteritis.

Martha Lynch. Three months. Died 1 October 1938. Infective enteritis.

Mary Healy. Four months. Died 7 October 1938. Indigestion, diarrhoea.

Mary Martin. 16 months. Died 27 October 1938. Tuberculosis.

Gertrude McCarthy. One month. Died 15 December 1938. Premature birth debility.

Kathleen O’Sullivan. Three months. Died 17 December 1938. Premature birth debility.

Joseph Reidy. One month. Died 26 December 1938. Marasmus.


John Collins. 15 weeks. Died 16 January 1939. Congenital debility.

Mary McCarthy. Eight months. Died 12 February 1939. Broncho pneumonia.

Timothy Riordan. One month. Died 19 February 1939. Congenital debility.

Catherine Dwyer. Two weeks. Died 28 February 1939. Congenital debility.

Thomas Hassett. Two months. Died 2 March 1939. Congenital debility.

Patrick Clancy. Two weeks. Died 6 March 1939. Premature birth, congenital debility.

Catherine Kiely. Seven weeks. Died 9 March 1939. Gastroenteritis.

Christina Lehane. Three months. Died 25 March 1939. Congenital debility.

Josephine Meehan. 13 months. Died 30 April 1939. Gastroenteritis, convulsions.

Daniel Finn. Four weeks. Died 8 June 1939. Congenital debility.

Patricia Moynihan. Three months. Died 19 June 1939. Spina bifida debility.

Finbarr Fin. Two days. Died 27 June 1939. Twin birth premature.

John Fin. Three days. Died 28 June 1939. Twin birth premature.

Mary O’Neill. Two months. Died 1 July 1939. Congenital debility.

Vincent Sheehan. 11 hours. Died 20 July 1939. Spina bifida, congenital debility.

Monica Sullivan. Three months. Died 29 August 1939. Congenital heart.

John Aherne. Four-and-three-quarter months. Died 2 October 1939. Heart failure due to pulmonary congestion.

Aidan Tibbs. Five weeks. Died 5 October 1939. Marasmus.

Peter Walsh. Three minutes. Died 19 October 1939. Congenital deformation, hydrocephalous, spina bifida.

John O’Callaghan. Two weeks. Died 30 October 1939. Premature, congenital debility.


Patrick Fisher. One day. Died 13 January 1940. Premature birth, debility.

Mary Lehane. Two minutes. Died 23 January 1940. Premature birth, congenital debility.

Fanahan Slyne. Six months. Died 2 February 1940. Marasmus.

James Cummins. Two weeks. Died 23 February 1940. Congestion of lung.

Brigid O’Connell. One month. Died 2 March 1940. Haemorrhage from bowel and stomach.

Mary O’Brien. Seven weeks. Died 14 March 1940. Congenital syphilis.

John Beausang. One month. Died 2 April 1940. Broncho pneumonia.

Mary Fitzgerald. One month. Died 2 April 1940. Bronchitis.

Patrick Mansel. Two months. Died 3 April 1940. Gastro intestinal, convulsions.

Christina O’Connor. Seven days. Died 5 April 1940. Gastro intestinal infection.

John Fleming. Nine weeks. Died 5 April 1940. Marasmus.

Mary O’Keeffe. 11 weeks. Died 20 April 1940. Marasmus.

Joseph Hourigan. Two months. Died 30 April 1940. Meningitis.

Philip McGrath. Two months. Died 10 May 1940. Marasmus.

Richard Doyle. 13 weeks. Died 6 June 1940. Bronchitis.

Margaret Walsh. Five weeks. Died 26 June 1940. Congenital debility.

Anne Vousden. Four months. Died 1 July 1940. Gastroenteritis.

John Ryan. Seven weeks. Died 17 July 1940. Marasmus.

Mary Hayes. Eight months, 23 days. Died 7 August 1940. Marasmus, gastroenteritis, cardiac failure.

Mary Coughlan. Four months. Died 10 August 1940. Gastroenteritis.

John Calnan. Five months. Died 13 August 1940. Hereditary syphilis, marasmus.

Joseph Cronin. Six months. Died 1 October 1940. Marasmus, convulsions.

Olive Kirby. Nine weeks. Died 4 October 1940. Marasmus.

Patrick Larkin. Three months. Died 11 October 1940. Bronchitis.

Mary Cronin. Six months. Died 17 October 1940. Congenital debility, ulceration.

David Lee. Eight months. Died 2 November 1940. Gastroenteritis.

Richard Salter. 10 weeks. Died 4 November 1940. Gastroenteritis.

Michael Donovan. Three months. Died 5 November 1940. Gastroenteritis.

Brigid Bowles. Three months. Died 12 November 1940. Marasmus.

Peter Doherty. Four months. Died 13 November 1940. Gastroenteritis.

Joan Howe. Three months. Died 17 November 1940. Bronchitis.

John Skehan. Three months. Died 18 November 1940. Congenital syphilis.

Mary McCarthy. Three months. Died 20 November 1940. Marasmus.

Albert Lynch. Three days. Died 22 November 1940. Congenital debility, acute emerisis.

Julia Murphy. Three months. Died 23 November 1940. Hereditary syphilis, marasmus.

Margaret O’Brien. Nine hours. Died 1 December 1940. Premature birth.

Mary Cronin. Four months. Died 3 December 1940. Marasmus.

John Hogan. 17 days. Died 11 December 1940. Twin birth, congenital debility.

William Hogan. 17 days. Died 11 December 1940. Twin birth, congenital debility.

John Dwan. Four months. Died 14 December 1940. Congenital debility.

David Mahony. Two months. Died 26 December 1940. Gastroenteritis.


Michael Deasy. Four months. Died 13 January 1941. Gastritis.

Francis Egan. Two months. Died 3 March 1941. Premature birth, marasmus.

Patrick Harrington. Eight months. Died 15 March 1941. Congenital debility.

Nora Doody. Six weeks. Died 18 March 1941. Congenital debility.

Monica Murray. Three days. Died 12 April 1941. Congenital haemorrhage.

John Gallagher. 12 weeks. Died 19 April 1941. Congenital debility.

Catherine Rohane. Nine weeks. Died 27 April 1941. Hereditary syphilis.

Mary Carmel Keohane. Six months. Died 23 May. 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Timothy O’Leary. Three months. Died 14 June 1941. Congenital heart.

John Hayes. Two months. Died 15 June 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Ann Paul. 11 days. Died 18 June 1941. Congenital kidney.

Anne Condon. Four months. Died 6 July 1941. Premature birth, marasmus.

George O’Regan. Three months. Died 14 July 1941. Congenital syphilis.

John Murphy. Two months. Died 29 July 1941. Typhoid deficiency, marasmus.

Mary Daly. Five minutes. Died 30 July 1941. Congenital deformity (encephalitis).

Magdaline Gallagher. Two months. Died 31 July 1941. Congenital heart.

Joseph Lynam. Three months. Died 5 August 1941. Congenital kidney.

Vincent Ryan. Four months. Died 4 September 1941. Congenital debility, marasmus.

Olive Kealy. Two months. Died 17 September 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Patrick Roche. Four months. Died 28 September 1941. Congenital debility.

Teresa Curran. Five hours. Died 12 October 1941. Hydrocephalus, congestive debility.

Margaret Phelan. Two months. Died 16 October 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Gerard O’Connor. Two months. Died 17 October 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Anne Dee. Five weeks. Died 19 October 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Teresa Barry. Seven weeks. Died 24 October 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Anthony J Riordan. 10 weeks. Died 26 October 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Elizabeth Sullivan. Three months. Died 30 October 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Coleman Higgins. Two months. Died 1 November 1941. Congenital heart.

Finbarr Lehane. Three months. Died 2 November 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Elizabeth Barry. Two months. Died 10 November 1941. Marasmus.

Margaret Caulfield. Two months. Died 10 November 1941. Congenital debility.

John O’Sullivan. Three months. Died 13 November 1941. Gastroenteritis.

Kathleen Coleman. Two months. Died 19 November 1941. Gastroenteritis.

David Leahy. Three months. Died 22 November 1941. Congenital debility.

Michael Fogarty. Three months. Died 9 December 1941. Meningitis.

Anne Breen. Four months. Died 3 December 1941. Bronchitis.

Patrick Coleman. Three months. Died 4 December 1941. Congenital heart.

Gertrude O’Brien. Two years. Died 14 December 1941. Dieutition, convulsions.

Mary Aherne. One month. Died 19 December 1941. Premature birth, congenital debility.


Teresa O’Reilly. Two years. Died 26 February 1942. Marasmus, anaemia, gastroenteritis.

John Galvin. Three months. 31 January 1942. Congenital debility.

Mary Mockler. Two months. Died 1 February 1942. Marasmus.

Dympna Corcoran. Three months. Died 3 February 1942. Marasmus.

Patricia O’Halloran. Three hours. Died 5 February 1942. Premature birth debility.

John Sullivan. Six weeks. Died 2 March 1942. Congenital debility.

Martin Beausang. Four months. Died 4 March 1942. Congenital heart.

Daniel McCarthy. Two months. Died 21 March 1942. Congenital debility.

Anthony Barrett. Three days. 21 March 1942. Twin birth, congenital debility.

Patrick Curtin. Two months. Died 24 March 1942. Twin birth, congenital debility.

Jeremiah Godsell. Two months. Died 24 March 1942. Marasmus.

Joseph Maher. Five hours. Died 25 March 1942. Congenital syphilis.

Agatha Walsh. Seven weeks. Died 31 March 1942. Meningitis.

Rita Winsley. Five months. Died 5 April 1942. Marasmus, gastroenteritis.

Aidan Duke. Three months. Died 8 April 1942. Congenital debility, cardiac.

Sheila Teehan. Three months. Died 8 April 1942. Meningitis.

Patrick Kenirey. Three months. Died 11 April 1942. Premature birth, congenital heart.

Bernard O’Donovan. Three months. Died 14 April 1942. Congenital syphilis.

George Dunscombe. One month. Died 21 April 1942. Bronchitis.

Thomas O’Sullivan. Three months. Died 9 May 1942. Marasmus.

Thomas Barry. Two months. Died 10 May 1942. Marasmus, gastroenteritis.

Patrick O’Sullivan. Two months. Died 26 May 1942. Congenital debility, gastroenteritis.

Anthony Hennessy. Three months. Died 31 May 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Maurice Kelleher. Two months. Died 31 May 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Bridget Ryan. One month. Died 1 June 1942. Congenital debility.

Philomena Pyne. Four months. Died 4 June 1942. Congenital debility, gastroenteritis.

Christopher Murphy. Two months. Died 5 June 1942. Gastroenteritis, convulsions.

Patrick O’Mahony. Two months. Died 6 June 1942. Marasmus.

Anne Sherlock. Six hours. Died 6 June 1942. Premature birth, congenital heart.

Michael Geary. Two months. Died 8 June 1942. Congenital debility.

Mary Duggan. Six weeks. Died 2 July 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Denis Halloran. Four months. Died 4 July 1942. Gastroenteritis.

James Spillane. Two months. Died 4 July 1942. Syphilis.

Peter Crowley. Three months. Died 8 July 1942. Marasmus.

John Mullholland. Seven weeks. Died 8 July 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Christina Kiely. One month. Died 9 July 1942. Twin birth, congenital debility.

Peter Casey. Ten weeks. Died 13 July 1942. Congenital debility.

Anne O’Leary. Two months. Died 15 July 1942. Marasmus.

Johanna Buckley. Three months. Died 16 July 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Teresa Hurley. Two months. Died 17 July 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Margaret Boland. Three months. Died 27 July 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Joan Lorton. Two months. 30 July 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Brigid Browne. Three months. 8 August 1942. Congenital heart.

William Abbott. Four months. Died 9 August 1942. Marasmus, bronchitis, cardiac failure.

Patrick Murphy. Three months. Did 10 August 1942. Septic infection of sartom.

Oliver O’Donnell. Six weeks. Died 19 August 1942. Cathuhextel jaundice.

Patrick McCarthy. Three months. Died 22 August 1942. Gastroenteritis.

Catherine Slattery. Four months. Died 22 August 1942. Marasmus.

Sylvester Hurley. Six weeks. Died 22 August 1942. Premature birth atelictatus pulmonum.

Kevin Connolly. Five minutes. Died 5 September 1942. Premature birth.

Mary Bridget Stack. Six months. Died 9 September 1942. Gastroenteritis, convulsions.

Peter Christopher. One month. Died 4 November 1942. Congenital debility.

Daniel Farrissey. Two months. Died 8 November 1942. Premature birth congenital debility.

Cyril McGrath. Two months. Died 8 November 1942. Gastroenteritis.

James Ward. Seven weeks. Died 9 November 1942. Congenital kidney.

James Barry. Two weeks. Died 10 November 1942. Congenital debility.

Francis Hayes. Two weeks. Died 17 November 1942. Premature birth, congenital debility.

Mary Hogan. One month. Died 20 November 1942. Congenital debility.

Ann Holden. Three months. Died 25 November 1942. Twin birth, congenital debility.

Josephine Simcox. Three weeks. Died 25 November 1942. Congenital syphilis.

Michael Holden. Three weeks. Died 29 November 1942. Twin birth, congenital debility.

Kevin Minihane. Six weeks. Died 29 November 1942. Enteritis.

Joseph Griffin. Two months. Died 24 November 1942. Enteritis.

Mary Lennon. One month. Died 5 December 1942. Congenital debility.

Mary Moore. One month. Died 5 December 1942. Congenital debility.

Margaret Curtin. Three months. Died 21 December 1942. Convulsions.

Margaret Geary. Four months. Died 24 December 1942. Pemphigus.

Michael Cronin. Three months. Died 25 December 1942. Bronchitis.

Nora Noonan. Two months. Died 26 December 1942. Bronchitis.

Margaret McGrath. Six months. Died 29 December 1942. Venereal disease.


Peter McCarthy. Four months. Died 2 January 1943. Bronchitis.

Noel Ryan. Two weeks. Died 6 January 1943. Premature birth, congenital debility.

Teresa Dempsey. Three months. Died 10 January 1943. Gastroenteritis.

Mary Murphy. Five weeks. Died 16 January 1943. Premature birth debility.

Catherine Driscoll. Five weeks. Died 7 February 1943. Gastroenteritis, debility.

Philomena Barry. Four months. Died 9 February 1943. Bronchitis.

Anthony Joseph Creedon. Three weeks. Died 11 February 1943. Congenital debility.

Richard John Kelly. Six months. Died 22 February 1943. Congenital debility.

Daniel O’Connor. Seven weeks. Died 24 February 1943. Gastroenteritis.

Patrick Nyhan. Three days. Died 27 February 1943. Premature birth.

John McCarthy. Two months. Died 2 March 1943. Congenital debility.

Noel Smith. 15 months. Died 11 March 1943. Convulsions.

John O’Connor. Two months. Died 14 March 1943. Congenital debility.

Catherine Murphy. Six months. Died 21 March 1943. Premature birth, congenital debility.

Michael Enright. 18 months. Died 2 April 1943. Pneumonia.

Anthony Lancaster. Three months. Died 10 April 1943. Bronchitis.

Teresa O’Brien. Four months. Died 14 April 1943. Bronchitis debility.

Brigid Griffin. 16 weeks. Died 16 April 1943. Gastroenteritis.

Finbarr Newman. One month. Died 17 April 1943. Congenital debility.

Mary Nugent. Three months. Died 18 April 1943. Premature birth marasmus.

Teresa Scanlan. Two months. Died 18 April 1943. Congenital debility.

Kathleen Flanagan. Three months. Died 18 April 1943. Marasmus.

Patrick Walsh. Three months. Died 19 April 1943. Congenital debility.

Joseph Geoghegan. Eight months. Died 21 April 1943. Gastroenteritis.

Michael Flaherty. Six weeks. Died 29 April 1943. Pneumonia.

Philip Gleason. Six weeks. Died 30 April 1943. Bronchio pneumonia.

Martin O’Farrell. Nine weeks. Died 30 April 1943. Bronchitis.

Anne Flynn. Three months. Died 30 April 1943. Congenital debility.

Mathias Nagle. Nine weeks. Died 3 May1943. Marasmus.

Philomena McDonnell. Three months. Died 4 May 1943. Congenital debility.

Nellie O’Leary. Six weeks. Died 11 May 1943. Congenital debility.

Mary Ryan. 15 minutes. Died 12 May 1943. Premature birth.

Michael Hartnett. Four months. Died 16 May 1943. Pemphigus general sepsis.

Mary Fitzgerald. 10 months. Died 17 May 1943.Coronary thrombosis.

Agnes Kelly. One month. Died 22 May 1943. Premature birth marasmus.

Mary Kelleher. Four weeks. Died 22 May 1943. Premature birth congenital debility.

Martin Hartnett. Four months. Died 22 May 1943. Tubercular peritonitis.

Michael Walsh. Two weeks. Died 22 May 1943. Premature birth.

Anne Houlihan. Three months. 6 June 1943. Marasmus.

Mary Barry. Four years and three months. Died 14 June 1943. Pulmonary tuberculosis.

Donald Creedon. Two months. Died 18 June 1943. Marasmus.

Ellen O’Donoghue. Three months. Died 22 June 1943. Bronchitis.

Mary Barry. Seven weeks. Died 23 June 1943. Congenital debility.

Mary Darcy. Three months. Died 24 June 1943. Bronchitis convulsions.

Veronica Cashman. Two months. Died 26 June 1943. Premature birth.

Thomas O’Regan. 14 days. Died 13 June 1943. Congenital debility.

Catherine Cogan. 17 days. Died 27 June 1943. Premature birth.

Elizabeth Phelan. Three weeks. Died 4 July 1943. Congenital debility.

John Sullivan. Two weeks. Died 12 July 1943. Congenital syphilis.

Anthony Mackey. Eight weeks. Died 12 July 1943. Congenital kidney.

Mary Mahony. Six weeks. Died 12 July 1943. Marasmus.

Bartholomew Collins. Three months. Died 13 July 1943. Bronchitis.

Anthony Relihan. Three weeks. Died 13 July 1943. Marasmus.

Josephine Walsh. Four months. Died 14 July 1943. Congenital heart.

Anne Slyne. Two months. Died 18 July 1943. Marasmus.

Brendan Joseph Neenan. Eight months. Died 22 July 1943. Bronchitis.

Mary Looney. One month. 27 July 1943. Atelectasis pulmonum.

Jeremiah Casey. Two weeks. Died 25 July 1943. Marasmus.

Patrick Barry. Two weeks. Died 30 July 1943. Premature birth.

Philomena Lombard. One month. Died 2 August 1943. Congenital heart.

Raymond O’Neill. Two months. Died 4 August 1943. Gastrointestinal haemorrhage.

Norah McGrath. Three weeks. Died 4 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Donald Murphy. 2 weeks. Died 6 August 1943. Premature birth congenital debility.

Jerome Corcoran. Two weeks. Died 7 August 1943. Gastroenteritis.

Bernadette Gould. Five weeks. Died 7 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Anthony Kingston. 15 weeks. Died 8 August 1943. Congenital venereal disease pemphigus.

Margaret Kelleher. Five weeks. Died 10 August 1943. Premature birth congenital debility.

Abina Mullane. Six weeks. Died 14 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Bernard Nash. Half an hour. Died 14 August 1943. Twin birth debility.

Joseph O’Kelly. Three months. Died 17 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Thomas Kiely. 14 months. Died 18 August 1943. Bronchitis.

Peter O’Callaghan. Two months. Died 20 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Daniel Coleman. Three months. Died 21 August 1943. Venereal disease.

Colum Fogarty. Ten weeks. Died 21 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Margaret Flynn. Two weeks. Died 22 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Joseph Hennessy. 10 weeks. Died 23 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Richard Barry. Two months. Died 27 August 1943. Bronchitis.

Ellen Calnan. Two months. Died 28 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Philomena Nash. Two weeks. Died 29 August 1943. Twin birth debility.

Mary Barry. Two weeks. Died 29 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Patricia Barnwell. Four months. Died 30 August 1943. Congenital debility.

Bernadette O’Mahony. Two years and three months. Died 19 September 1943. Broncitis tonsilitis.

Declan Johnson. Two months. 25 September 1943. Marasmus cardiac failure.

Margaret Kelly. Nine weeks. 27 September 1943. Marasmus cardiac failure.

Anne Desmond. Three months. Died 13 October 1943. Premature birth congenital debility.

Mary Creed. Three months. Died 23 October 1943. Pemphigus.

Joan Power. Seven weeks. Died 29 October 1943. Marasmus.

Joan Maher. Two months. Died 31 October 1943. Bronchitis.

Helen Mooney. Three months. Died 14 November 1943. Bronchitis.

Helen Cronin. Three months. Died 17 November 1943. Congenital syphilis.

Bernadette Toye. Four months. Died 20 November 1943. Premature birth congenital debility.

Anthony Keohane. Three months. Died 5 December 1943. Bronchitis.

Mary O’Connor. Two months. Died 6 December 1943. Gastroenteritis.

Cornelius Walsh. One year and three months. Died 28 December 1943. Premature birth debility.

Catherine Kenneally. Two months. Died 30 December 1943. Marasmus.

James King. Five months. Died 31 December 1943. Congenital debility.

Brendan Cahill. Six weeks. Died 31 December 1943. Congenital debility.

Joseph O’Mahony. Four weeks. Died 31 December 1943. Premature birth congenital debility.


Catherine Tobin. Three months. Died 1 January 1944. Marasmus.

Francis Kelly. Three months. Died 1 January 1944. Bronchitis.

Josephine Patricia Carr. Three months. Died 2 January 1944. Gastritis.

Anne Griffin. Two months. Died 3 January 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Eilish O’Driscoll. Five weeks. Died 4 January 1944. Marasmus.

Richard Flaherty. Five weeks. Died 8 January 1944. Gastroenteritis.

Philomena Power. Two weeks. Died 14 January 1944. Gastroenteritis.

Bridget Mark Anthony. 10 minutes. Died 17 January 1944. Malpresentation actelectasis pulmonum.

Catherine Frawley. Three months. Died 18 January 1944. Congenital debility.

Michael O’Halloran. Four months. Died 20 January 1944. Congenital heart.

Michael Riordan. One month. Died 28 January 1944. Gastroenteritis.

Mary Doyle. Two months. Died 31 January 1944. Marasmus.

Bernadette Winters. Six days. Died 26 February 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Charles Eustace. Two months. Died 7 March 1944. Bronchitis.

Patrick O’Hanrahan. Two days. Died 17 March 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Joseph O’Brien. One month. Died 25 March 1944. Premature congenital debility.

Agnes Murphy. Three months. Died 28 March 1944. Bronchitis.

Anthony Cahill. Four months. Died 29 March 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Anne O’Donovan. Three months. Died 8 April 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Anne Fogarty. Three months. Died 9 April 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Christopher McCarthy. Four months. Died 10 April 1944. Congenital syphilis.

Helen Fitzgerald. Two months. Died 18 April 1944. Broncho pneumonia.

Stephen Dennehy. Three months. Died 20 April 1944. Congenital syphilis marasmus.

Rita Riordan. Two months. Died 29 April 1944. Congenital debility.

Timothy O’Callaghan. Two months. Died 5 May 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Patrick Gleeson. 11 hours. Died 9 May 1944. Atelectasis pulmonum.

Eileen Walsh. Three months. Died 11 May 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Joseph Cassin. 27 days. Died 17 May 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Thomas McCarthy. Three months. Died 23 May 1944. Bronchitis.

Brigid O’Shea. Four months. Died 8 June 1944. Spina bifida, congenital debility.

Michael Daly. Six weeks. 12 July 1944. Congenital debility and cardiac failure.

Harold Sisk. Three months. Died 16 July 1944. Congenital debility and cardiac failure.

Philomena Daly. One month. Died 20 July 1944. Congenital debility and cardiac failure.

Catherine Murphy. Four months. Died 20 July 1944. Congenital debility and cardiac failure.

Anne Egan. Two months. Died 3 August 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Mary Bridget Power. Three months. Died 3 August 1944. Congenital syphilis.

Carmel Kelleher. Two months. Died 3 August 1944. Premature birth, congenital debility.

Peter McCarthy. Two months. Died 11 August 1944. Congenital debility.

Mary Murphy. Three months. Died 27 August 1944. Congenital debility.

Noel Hayes. Two months. Died 3 September 1944. Marasmus.

Mary Hogan. Four months. Died 7 September 1944. Bronchitis.

John Scannell. Three months. Died 9 September 1944. Marasmus.

Michael McCarthy. Five months. Died 13 September 1944. Meningitis.

Michael Coffey. Two months. Died 14 September 1944. Congenital debility.

Dympna Hanley. Four months. Died 17 September 1944. Bronchitis.

John Long. One month. Died 19 September 1944. Congenital debility general debility.

Rita Twomey. Three months. Died 22 September 1944. Congenital debility marasmus.

Mary Connors. Three months. Died 4 October 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Denis Hallahan. Three months. Died 7 October 1944. Bronchitis.

Josephine O’Connell. Seven months. Died 8 October 1944. Congenital syphilis.

Pauline Cullinane. Four months. Died 8 October 1944. Congenital debility.

Mary Minihane. One month. Died 15 October 1944. Bronchitis.

Margaret Farmer. Three months. 19 October 1944. Syphilis debility.

Jeremiah Murphy. Three weeks. 19 October 1944. Congenital debility.

Rose Mary Meagher. Two months. 4 November 1944. Congenital debility.

Teresa Corbett. Two weeks. Died 6 November 1944. Premature birth debility.

Teresa Quinn. Seven months. Died 10 November 1944. Marasmus.

Mary Lynch. Four months. Died 5 November 1944. Congenital debility.

Patricia McGarry. Nine weeks. Died 5 December 1944. Premature birth debility.

Laurence Wall. Four weeks. Died 7 December 1944. Premature birth congenital debility.

Anne Marie Mangan. Three months. Died 7 December 1944. Pulmonary congestion.

Philomena Avons. Two months. Died 8 December 1944. Marasmus.

Gerard Kiely. Two months. Died 9 December 1944. Bronchitis.

Catherine Healy. Two months. Died 10 December 1944. Congenital debility.

Ann O’Halloran. 13 weeks. Died 12 December 1944. Bronchitis.

Noel Masterson. Seven days. Died 25 December 1944. Twin birth congenital debility.

Christopher Masterson. Eight days. Died 27 December 1944. Twin birth congenital debility.

Matthew McCarthy. Three months. Died 29 December 1944. Bronchitis.


Veronica Corry. Three months. Died 1 January 1945. Broncho pneumonia.

Madeline Tighe. Seven weeks. Died 20 January 1945. Bronchitis broncho pneumonia.

Rita Murphy. Five weeks. Died 22 January 1945. Bronchitis.

Marion Lehane. Five weeks. Died 23 January 1945. Bronchitis.

Mary Bridget Cunningham. Six weeks. Died 27 January 1945. Bronchitis.

Mary McGrane. One year and six months. Died 29 January 1945. Bronchitis.

Margaret Reville. Two months and two hours. Died 2 February 1945. Pneumonia heart failure.

Margaret Lynch. 20 minutes. Died 6 February 1945. Premature birth.

Anthony McCarthy. Three months. Died 26 February 1945. Capillary bronchitis.

Eileen Burke. 20 months. Died 2 March 1945. Congenital debility, marasmus.

Phyllis Costello. 12 weeks. Died 8 March 1945. Tabes mesenterica.

Philomena McInerney. 12 weeks. Died 11 March 1945. Bronchitis.

Helen Daly. 16 weeks. Died 28 March 1945. Marasmus.

Liam Hayes. Nine weeks. Died 24 March 1945. Diarrhoea inanition.

Kieran Lennon. Six-and-a-half months. Died 26 March 1945. Toxaemia, septic salivary gland.

Agnes Reidy. Nine weeks. Died 1 April 1945. Enteritis.

Miriam Ledwith. 17 weeks. Died 1 April 1945. Marasmus.

Brigid Danaher. Two months. Died 2 April 1945. Cardiac failure.

Bernard Henebrey. 10 weeks. Died 13 April 1945. Tuberculosis lungs.

Patrick Murphy. Four weeks. Died 14 April 1945. Prematurity.

Raphael O’Connell. 14 weeks. Died 25 April 1945. Lobar pneumonia.

Joseph Murphy. Seven weeks. Died 3 May 1945. Prematurity.

Philomena Kelly. Five weeks and three days. Died 19 May 1945. Diarrhoea and enteritis.

John Francis Haugh. Four months. Died 3 June 1945. Lobar pneumonia.

Catherine McCarthy. 14-and-a-half weeks. Died 18 June 1945. Diarrhoea and broncho pneumonia.

Martin Murphy. Seven months. Died 22 June 1945. Toxaemia chronic sepsis.

Maureen Gaffney. Age not stated on death certificate. Died 10 July 1945. Diarrhoea and enteritis.

Margaret Hynes. Seven weeks. Died 16 July 1945. Diarrhoea and enteritis.

Michael O’Keeffe. 11 weeks. Died 16 July 1945. Bilateral mastoid infection.

Patricia Crowley. Five months. Died 7 August 1945. Hycencephalus general haemorrhage.

Margaret Sullivan. Six months. Died 11 August 1945. Broncho pneumonia.

Philip Healy. 16 weeks. Died 17 August 1945. Lobar pneumonia.

James Mahony. Four weeks. 28 August 1945. Nasal infection mastoiditis.

Mary Heffernan. 12 hours. Died 11 October 1945. Prematurity.

Pauline McCann. 15 weeks. Died 14 October 1945. Enteritis.

Robert Hickey. Five-and-a-half months. Died 4 November 1945. Toxaemia generalised infection.


John Upton. Five weeks. 8 January 1946. Influenza and pneumonia.

Catherine Dempsey. 10 minutes. Died 28 February 1946. Prematurity atelectasis.

Teresa Keane. 10 weeks. Died 19 March 1946. Congenital heart disease.

Barbara O’Connell. One year and five months. Died 5 May 1946.

Francis Gabriel Kennedy. 14 months. Died 5 May 1946. Cardiac failure general debility.

May Frances Burns. Five months. Died 11 May 1946. Mastoiditis.

Joseph Kearney. 20 hours. Died 7 June 1946. General haemorrhage.

Margaret O’Connor. Two days. Died 1 July 1946. General haemorrhage.

Mary Teresa Coone. Three months. Died 20 August 1946. Enteritis.

Elizabeth McCarthy. Four hours. Died 23 August 1946. Cerebral haemorrhage.

Mary Ann Fennell. Nine weeks, three days. Died 2 September 1946. Prematurity general debility.

Patrick Joseph Kenneally. Eight weeks. Died 17 September 1946. Gastroenteritis.

John O’Driscoll. Four weeks. Died 1 October 1946. Enteritis.

Agatha Walshe. Three weeks. Died 23 October 1946. Marasmus.

Philomena Howlett. Two months. Died 25 October 1946. Enteritis.


Kevin Dalton. Six weeks. Died 18 April 1947. Marasmus.

Patrick Kirwan. 15 weeks. Died 13 May 1947. Enteritis.

Patrick Joseph Griffin. Eight weeks. Died 22 May 1947. Broncho pneumonia.

Elizabeth Murphy. Three days. Died 1 June 1947. Tetanus gravies monatorim.

Joseph Carroll. Seven weeks. Died 7 June 1947. Septicaemia.

Margaret McNamara. Nine weeks. Died 14 June 1947. Enteritis.

Richard Tobin. Five months. Died 16 June 1947. Infantile convulsions.

Thomas Collins. 10 weeks. Died 20 June 1947. Enteritis.

Thomas Barry. 12 weeks. Died 25 June 1947. Enteritis.

Norah Holland. 12 weeks. Died 7 July 1947. Marasmus.

Angela Dollard. Seven weeks. Died 24 July 1947. Enteritis.

Brigid Shannon. Three weeks. Died 12 August 1947. Lobar pneumonia.

Ann Brown. Nine months. Died 21 August 1947. Acute infection septicaemia.

Oliver Kelly. Seven weeks. Died 21 August 1947. Lobar pneumonia.

Josephine Moore. Four months. Died 26 August 1947. Lobar pneumonia heat stroke.

Mary Brigid O’Sullivan. 15 weeks. Died 27 August 1947. Marasmus.

Mary Barry. Two months. Died 14 October 1947. Lobar pneumonia.

Philip Cunningham. 10 weeks. Died 25 October 1947. Lobar pneumonia.

Eugene Howard. One month. Died 6 December 1947. Prematurity.

Kevin Howard. Five weeks. Died 11 December 1947. Prematurity.


Andrew O’Shea. 10 weeks. Died 25 February 1948. Septicaemia.

Brigid Curran. Four months. Died 26 June 1948. Enteritis.

Mary Teresa Hallahan. 34 hours. Died 29 September 1948. General haemorrhage.

Mary Elizabeth Canty. Four months. Died 17 September 1948. Asphyxia due to cathasahal bronchitis.

Matthew McCarthy. 11 weeks. Died 6 December 1948. Chronic infection toxaemia.

Joseph O’Mahony. 17 days. Died 18 December 1948. Prematurity.

Mary Nora O’Mahony. 11 days. Died 22 December 1948. Prematurity.


Margaret O’Sullivan. Four days. Died 24 February 1949. Atelectasis.

John Wallace. 15 months. Died 3 April 1949. Convulsions.

Anthony Ryan. Three-and-a-half years. Died 22 April 1949. Convulsions.

Denis O’Sullivan. Seven days. Died 17 July 1949. Cerebral haemorrhage.

Adrian Hartnett. Three months. Died 12 August 1949. Convulsions.

Christopher Maloney. Eight weeks. Died 13 August 1949. Convulsions.

Anthony Barry. Five weeks. Died 24 August 1949. Broncho pneumonia.

James Finn. One day. Died 24 November 1949. Prematurity.


William Gleeson. Three months. Died 19 January 1950. Lobar pneumonia.

Emily Liston. Six weeks. Died 19 June 1950. Convulsions, infection of unknown origin, meningitis.

Anthony Burke. Five months. Died 4 November 1950. Acute meningitis.


Patrick O’Connell. Four months. Died 14 January 1951. Asphyxia, aspiration of food into trachea, Gastroenteritis.

Thomas Nagle. 21 months. Died 4 February 1951. Toxaemia, influenza condition associated with measles.

Michael Mulligan. Two years and five months. Died 5 February 1951. Toxaemia measles.

Patrick Anthony Riordan. 20 hours. Died 10 July 1951. Atelectasis, prematurity.

Kieran Desmond. 45 minutes. Died 22 November 1951. Cerebral haemorrhage.


Margaret Statham. Two days. Died 29 June 1952. Cerebral haemorrhage.

John Joseph Fitzgerald. One day. Died 20 November 1952. Cerebral haemorrhage.


John Oliver O’Callaghan. Three days. Died 20 November 1953. Anencephalus.


Joseph Andre Crowley. 13 days. Died 13 March 1954. Congenital heart.

Patrick Joseph Moloney. One day. Died 16 November 1954. Cerebral haemorrhage, rapid delivery.


Donal Anthony O’Donovan. Seven weeks. Died 5 June 1955. Congenital heart disease.

Mary McGarry. One-and-a-quarter hours. Died 16 November 1955. Cardio-respiratory failure, prematurity.


Gerard Anthony Ring. 25 days. Died 13 March 1956. Lobar pneumonia.

Mary Christina McGrath. Four hours. Died 21 April 1956. Cerebral haemorrhage.

Michael Finbarr Hurley. 20 hours and 20 minutes. Died 3 August 1956. Cerebral haemorrhage.


Kevin Kelleher. 15 hours. Died 12 May 1957. Cerebral haemorrhage, rapid delivery.

Patricia Josephine O’Keeffe. Three months. Died 20 July 1957. Broncho pneumonia atelectasis, mongol.


Joseph Kieran Sullivan. 10 days. Died 13 March. 1958. Cerebral haemorrhage.

Joseph Mary Delaney. 18 hours. Died 20 March 1958. Atelectasis.

Gerard Majella Fitzpatrick. 13 days. Died 14 May 1958. Atelectasis.

Infant McCabe. 20 minutes. Died 8 July 1958. Encephalous.

Michael Joseph Morey. Eight days. Died 17 August 1958. Acute obstruction atresia ateleocarcal valve.

Mary Kerins. Three months. 7 October 1958. Failure resulting from bronchial pneumonia.

Michael Christopher Healy. 15 days. Died 17 December 1958. Pneumonia prematurity.


Ann Veronica Finn. One day. Died 25 March 1959. Atelectasis prematurity.

Vincent Joseph Finn. Two days. Died 26 March 1959. Atelectasis prematurity.

Seán Anthony Kelly. Three days. Died 17 May 1959. Congenital heart disease.

Monica P Frawley 27 days. Died 27 October 1959. Cardio respiratory failure pneumonia prematurity.

Infant Lynn. Five hours. Died 28 November 1959. Cerebral haemorrhage rapid labour.


Martin P Connell. One-and-a-half days. Died 11 February 1960. Cerebral haemorrhage over moulded head.

John Martin O’Leary. 10 minutes. Died 13 May 1960. Asphyxia neonatorum.

Michael Joseph Green. 32 hours. Died 15 May 1960. Cerebral haemorrhage.

Kevin McGillicuddy. 10 weeks. Died 21 May 1960. Anomalous venus drainage accident.

Anne Marie Lowney. Seven hours. Died 19 June 1960. Atelectorin aspiration of mucous.

Mary Philomena Kivlehan. Two days. Died 23 June 1960. Asphyxia bilateral atelectasis.

Dominic Kelly. 11 hours. Died 1 August 1960. Cerebral haemorrhage.

William Gerard Walsh. One month. Died 2 December 1960. Renal abscess septicaemia.


Joseph Anthony O’Brien. 17 hours. Died 17 January 1961. Cerebral haemorrhage.

“Infant” Doolaghty. 12 hours. Died 6 April 1961. Atelectasis.


Denis Martin Mulqueen. One day. Died 19 March 1962. Atelectasis.

James Patrick Higginbotham. One day. Died 9 June 1962. Lateral teutoical tear birth trauma.


Gerard Martin Guerin. Five hours. Died 20 February 1963. Cyanotic attack prematurity atelectasis.

David John Darnell. Two days. Died 17 March 1963. Cerebral haemorrhage delivery.

Patrick Joseph O’Callaghan. 22 hours. Died 4 April 1963. Cerebral haemorrhage difficult delivery.


Josephine Coffey. Eight days. Died 31 March 1964. Toxeamia torc epidermolysis.

Edward O’Sullivan. Five-and-a-half months. Died 26 May 1964. Lobar pneumonia.

Josephine M Brennan. Seven hours and 35 minutes. Died 4 September 1964. Prematurity 29 weeks gestation.

Thomas Joseph Kiernan. Six days. Died 31 October 1964. Bi-lateral tentorial tears.

Audrey Mary Hurley. Two years. Died 24 November 1964. Hydrocephalous and spina bifida.


Christopher O’Mahony. Six months. Died 7 September 1965. Cardiac and respiratory failure caused by the accidental aspiration of vomit and consequent asphyxiation.

Maria McMahon. Six weeks. Died 20 October 1965. Subdural haematoma.


Thomas Murphy. 13 hours and 10 minutes. Died 23 September 1966. Primary actelectasis. Prematurity.


Patrick O’Donnell. Eight weeks. Died 10 December 1967. Gastroenteritis.

Francis O’Connor. One month. Died 11 December 1967. Gastroenteritis.


Ann Rose O’Brien. Three months. Died 13 February 1968. Cardiac failure, pneumonia.

Marie Dunne. One day. Died 15 May 1968. Respiratory distress, prematurity.

Ann Marie Dunne. Three days. Died 20 May 1968. Intracranial haemorrhage.


John Hayes. 25 hours. Died 18 August 1969. Prematurity.

Rosemary White. One day. Died 9 September 1969. Prematurity, multiple pregnancy.

Michelle Clarke. 30 minutes. Died 14 September 1969. Anencephalus.

Martha Dawn. 28 hours. Died 21 October 1969. Multiple congenital abnormalities.

Paul Houlihan. Nine hours and 35 minutes. Died 29 October 1969. Respiratory distress, prematurity.


Philip Paul O’Keeffe. Two days. Died 5 January 1970. Bilateral pulmonary haemorrhage.

Seán Patrick Wall. Three months. Died 11 May 1970. Pneumonia.

Thomas Walsh. Three hours and 50 minutes. Died 16 September 1970. Asphyxia neonatorum acute partum haemorrhage.


Paul. 10 minutes. Died 15 June 1971. Asphyxia failure to breathe. Venteusa and forceps delivery.

Rosarie. Seven-and-a-half weeks. Died 13 October 1971. Congenital hiatus hernia.


Michael. 136 days. 19 February 1972. Left venticular failure, venticular septal defect. Patent ductus arteriosis.

Joseph. 20 minutes. Died 6 May 1972. Gross deformity of back and chest.

Antonio. 12 hours and 30 minutes. Died 26 May 1972. Subarachnoid haemorrhage pulmonary atectasis.

Evelyn O’Gorman. 20 minutes. Died 24 June 1972. Atelectasis prematurity.

John. 43 Days. Died 10 October 1972. Ischaemic colitis gross neg septicaemia subacute intestinal obstruction.


David. Two weeks. Died 16 January 1973. Pneumonia.

Frances. 44 days. Died 30 July 1973. Two weeks. Died 16 January 1973. Mental and motor retardation, Kleppel Feil Syndrome.


David. 18 hours and 35 minutes. Died 24 February 1974. Bilateral intrapulmonary haemorrhage.

Christopher. 49 days. Died 14 May 1974. Generalised septicaemia salmonella infection patent dunctus arteriosus.

Mary Teresa. Nine days. Died 5 October 1974. Spina bifida.


Denis John. Four months. Died 22 January 1975. Pneumonia, spina bifida.

John Kevin. One day, 20 hours, 35 minutes. Died 29 April 1975. Intracerebral haemorrhage anoxia pneumonia.

Dominic Henry. 11 hours, 55 minutes. Died 9 August 1975. Neonatal hypothermia. Low birth weight (first twin). Femur.

Mary. 20 hours, 15 minutes. Died 12 November 1975. Severe hypothermis, prematurity.

Infant. One hour, 20 minutes. Died 21 December 1975. Prematurity, spina bifida and encephalocele.


Anne Maria. Seven weeks. Died 31 March 1976. Spina bifida.

“Male”. Two hours, 15 minutes. Died 13 April 1976. Prematurity.

Peter Anthony. 66 days. Died 9 June 1976. Cardio respiratory failure due to cot death.


Maurice. 13 hours 55 minutes. Died 19 January 1977. Bilat. pat atelectasis prematurity.

“Infant”. One hour and 35 minutes. Died 26 February 1977. Hydrocephaly spina bifida.


Stephen J. Two months. Died 2 January 1978. Cardiac and respiratory failure due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Fergal. Eight months. Died 16 January 1978. Cardio respiratory failure, spina bifida.

Michael. Four months. Died 25 June 1978. Cystic Degeneration of Cerebral Hemispheres. Anoxic Damage. Lungs – Consolidation in Lower Lobes.

Finbarr. Two days. Died 23 July 1978. Pulmonary haemorrhage. Hypoglycaemia.

“Infant”. Two months. Died 27 December 1978. Severe malnutrition. Malabsorption. Sub-total villus atrophy of small bowel.


Gerard. One-and-a-quarter hours. Died 5 September 1979. Prematurity 27 weeks gestation.


“Infant”. Three days. Died 22 January 1980. Mechotising enterocolitis. Prematurity.

John. Eight days. Died 15 May 1980. Congenital heart disease. Multiple minor congenital abnormalities

“Infant”. One day. Died 17 August 1980. Pneumonia. Congestive cardiac failure.


Anthony. Five minutes. Died 8 March 1982. Cardio resp. arrest 30 seconds. Severe hydrocephalus present antenatally, unknown duration.


Barry. Four months. Died 3 April 1983. Gastroenteritis and bronchopneumonia associated with cardiac valvelitis.

Kathy. Ten minutes. Died 27 April 1983. Asphyxia at birth. Foetal distress.


Fionnuala Mary. 14 hours, 32 minutes. Died 22 June 1986. Hyaline membrane disease (from birth). Prematurity.


“Infant”. Three hours, 23 minutes. Died 5 October 1988. Diaphragmatic hernia.


Leona. Three weeks, five days. Died 10 July 1989. Hydrocephaly (congested).


Paula. One year, two months. Died 28 January 1990. Hydrocephaly.


Zoei Bonny. Two days. Died 10 August 1994. Bilateral pneumothoraces dues to arterial ventilation.