Behold – the Master Make-Up Palette Of The Year has landed

Finally, the professional make-up artistry edge you crave is available in one convenient and incredibly versatile palette.

Adored for their peerless brow shaping solutions, BPerfect Cosmetics are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to the BPerfect family; the BPerfect x LMD Master Palette.

Created in collaboration with the incredible Louise McDonnell and BPerfect Cosmetics founder Brendan McDowell the new BPerfect LMD Master Palette is ideal for both the everyday woman and make-up artist’s alike. This product is so hotly anticipated it sold out within mere two hours of pre-orders.

Thanks to this new release from BPerfect Cosmetics you will no longer have to carry around several make-up products. Offering a range of universal shades essential for any make-up look the BPerfect LMD Master Palette gives you everything you need in one place – from highlighting to sculpting and the perfect eyeshadow to take you from day to night.

The shades will not only work beautifully with any skin tone –  they have been masterfully chosen to complement and enhance a woman’s eye colour ensuring we get the pop we’ve long sought after.

As a helpful and foolproof guide, the centre of the palette offers three essential shades for the ultimate facial sculpting. At the top, you’ll find Hi-Lite a sophisticated and subtle shimmer to accentuate your cheekbones. Underneath that you have the perfect shade, Sculpt, to create definition around your cheekbones, nose and chin, while the bottom shade – Peachy – is the only blusher you’ll ever need.

To the left and right of these three staples you will find a master curation of eyeshadows necessary for the most wearable and stunning looks with a variation of mattes and glistening metallic finishes. Whether you want to create a more sultry, autumnal look with ‘Toffee’ and ‘Tiger’ or a dramatic evening look with ‘Cranberry’ and ‘Noir’- the ultimate black shade – everything is here

Explained by Louise McDonnell herself, the orange and golden tones on the left-hand side will work with every eye colour bringing out the hazel in brown eyes and the green in blue eyes. On the right, you have cooler tones with which you can’t go wrong. Why? Because within the palette, eyeshadows have been positioned next to those with which they’ll blend to perfection. For example, work Noir with Smokey and Louise – a stunning cranberry pink – and you’ll nail the cool toned eye look. A make-up bag must-have the shades within this palette are highly pigmented and multi-purpose, so depending on the look you want to create even the eyeshadows can be re-appropriated as additional blusher or highlighting hues on the face and vice versa.

This palette not only offers incredibly high quality and versatile pigments it gives make-up lovers something they need above all else: convenience. Quite simply beyond your foundation and your lipstick you won’t need anything else. Your make-up bag can thank us later. The sleek black palette fits perfectly into any bag and complete with one of Louise McDonnell’s favourite quotes on what it means to be beautiful you’ll enjoy an additional pep in your step.

Each palette retails at €29.95 / £24.99