Ballyporeen osteopathic clinic to reopen this month

Úna O'Leary, Ballyporeen.

Úna O’Leary is delighted to announce the reopening of her clinic in Ballyporeen from November 18th.

With over 15 years clinical experience, Úna O’Leary’s philosophy for patient care is based on the importance of providing empathic, patient centred osteopathic care of the highest standard for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions including back, neck, joint and muscle aches and pains as well as sports injuries, joint and soft tissue injuries.

A graduate of the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine and Kingston University, Úna is committed to ensuring each treatment is carefully and consistently formulated to best meet the requirements of each individual patient and treatments are suitable for all ages from new-born babies to older adults. 

Treatments are tailored to suit each individual using of range of different hands-on osteopathic techniques including joint articulations, mobilisation and manipulation, muscle energy techniques, fascial unwinding and cranial osteopathy in conjunction with massage therapy, electrotherapy (ultrasound and faradic), orthopaedic dry needling, clinical kinesiology taping and orthotic and insole prescription/fitting.

As a registered member of the Osteopathic Council of Ireland (OCI), treatments by Úna O’Leary are approved by all major private health insurance companies.

For further information or to book an evening appointment, please contact 086-3753577 or refer to the website