A commitment has been made to creating a disabled parking space in Ballylanders in the new year. This will allow easier access to services in the village for people with a disability or limited mobility.

At present, there is no disabled parking spot in the village and this has created difficulty for disabled people who wish to use local amenities, said Cllr Lisa Marie Sheehy.

“This issue was raised by a number of people in the community and I am delighted to have secured its completion in the new year. I will be aiming to push its extension to towns and villages all over the Cappamore/Kilmallock area through the General Municipal Allocation budget,” she said.

Cllr Sheehy was assured by Limerick City and County Council’s road engineer that work on the disabled parking space will commence in January 2017. The parking spot will be located near the post office in the village.

The issue of people with a disability or limited mobility accessing local services was raised by Ms Sheehy through parliamentary questions earlier this year and also at council meetings.


A footpath located beside a disabled parking space can only be a certain height to allow for wheelchair access and this should be taken into consideration during improvement works going forward, said Ms Sheehy.

“When there are upgrades on a footpath, which there have been a lot of in the past year in Ballylanders, disabled parking should be included,” she added.

At present there is no specific budget for disabled parking spaces and this needs to be addressed, she said.