Ballyhooly water supply greatly improved, councillors assured


Ballyhooly water supply greatly improved, councillors assured

Saturday, 26 January 2013
7:30 PM GMT

Water pressure in Ballyhooly village is now much improved, members of the northern area committee of Cork County Council were assured at their meeting on Monday.

The senior engineer in charge of drinking water operations in the county council, Robert O’Farrell, said the council had focused over the past 12 months on the scheme to find out what was causing the poor pressure that was the subject of complaints over an extended time. They determined that malfunctioning valves were the problem, which they fixed. Pressure is now consistently excellent.

“If there are still localised or individual problem areas or individual properties, these should be notified to the council and they will be followed up,” the engineer informed members.

Two motions were tabled for the meeting on the problem, one from Councillor Frank O’Flynn and the other from Councillors Ronan Sheehan and Noel McCarthy. Councillor McCarthy said the people of Ballyhooly had put up with problems in their water supply for three years.


Members were advised that there is a small amount of work remaining on the scheme that will be started at the end of January. They were warned that otherwise, pumps and water mains can fail at anytime and without notice and that such events are outside the control of the council. They are rectified on a same-day basis where possible, the engineer said.

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