Ongoing water outages in Ballyhooly have left residents without water for the second weekend in February, with local residents directing their frustrations at Irish Water over their ‘stunning lack of communication’ with customers.

Following on from issues at the beginning of the month, water presssue began to drop in the village on Friday, particularly in the Lios Ard estate where the majority of residents were without water completely on Monday.

Speaking to The Avondhu, a concerned local resident said that Irish Water were contacted by various local residents regarding the loss of water. Irish Water said they would ‘open a case and start investigating’.

Council workers were on site by 12 noon, who found and repaired one leak, discovered another, then left. Water was restored to the village and some estates, however Lios Ard homes were still without water at this point.

“Upon contacting Irish Water we were told that, as water was restored after the second repair, the boost in pressure caused another leak and we were assured that workers would be on site first thing to make that repair and restore our supply,” the resident said.


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