ATKINS Summer Guide

Despite what the weather would have you believe, summer is in fact around the corner. Sun beating down, long evenings, outdoor dining – it’s all ahead of us! So many of us have been renovating over the past 12 months but it’s time to treat yourself to some new toys for your newly decked out patio, outdoor bar or that perfectly manicured garden.

Robot Lawn Mowers

Some people love nothing more than saddling up and getting into the garden for a few hours of mowing the lawn, others however, do not get the same thrill. Here’s where the robot mower comes into play, plucked straight from the sci-fi home of the future. Simply set it down and watch it go.

Believe it or not, these robot lawn mowers have been around over 20 years, but have really made huge developments in the past number of years, with Husqvarna emerging as kings of the industry. Convenience is king with these units, as all of the modern mowers are battery powered and run-on electric motors so aren’t too loud or disruptive.

These robot lawn mowers cut little and often and depending on their settings cut around 2-3mm per pass. This is the gentlest way to cut a lawn as it also fertilizes by leaving the short, unobtrusive clippings behind.

Husqvarna Robot Lawn Mower.

Garden Care

It’s all well and good to keep the lawn & garden neatly trimmed and kept, but to keep it blossoming & healthy you’ve got to go the extra mile. We’ve compiled some absolute garden essentials to keep your greenery thriving.

Hose Reel

Having a good quality hose is essential (Despite all the rain!) Flower beds, hanging baskets and even your lawn can easily dry out in the summer so a useful, tidy, portable hose is invaluable.

Weed Control / Lawn Feed

You can only spray your lawn/garden once or twice a year with weed control, so make sure to get the timing right. Generally speaking, the end of May until the end of June is optimum time to attack as most of those unwelcome guests will have raised their heads by then.

In terms of lawn feed, think of it like this, you’re constantly balancing promoting good growth and actively stopping growth by mowing. A good lawn feed will keep your grass looking thick, green and healthy.


Sulphates can be great for your flower beds depending on what you need. Sulphates of Iron are fantastic for ericaceous plants (e.g Rhododendrons, azaleas) Sulphate of Ammonia is very beneficial for a small veg garden and you can also grab some sulphate of potash, which has a very high potassium content, this is ideal for encouraging strong flower and also fruit development.

Garden Furniture

Now that the grass is cut and the garden is thriving, you’re going to need somewhere to sit down, relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. “It’d be a great country if you could roof it” goes the old saying, when the Irish summers are good, they’re great, but there’s always the looming threat of wind & rain, even if it is June.

When purchasing outdoor furniture you’ve got to ensure you’re getting a product that is weather resistant and built to last. Here at HQ we’re currently taking pre-orders on a June delivery of Hartman outdoor furniture which is absolutely perfect for the changeable Irish summer.

The rust-proof, cast aluminium frames come complete with the tried & tested Weather-ready permeable cushions, meaning these seats are moisture, mildew and UV resistant – They’re perfect for those sunny Sundays and will survive the presumably moody Monday.

Amalfi Bistro Set.

Having originally been founded in 1878, Atkins are leading the way in Garden & Farm Machinery. Supplying Ireland from their locations in Co. Cork with the best garden furnituregarden tools and more the team have all you need to keep your property looking pristine this summer and beyond. Whether you’re searching for a garden heaterpower washerbird feeder or more, the team have you covered by stocking products from quality brands such as HusqvarnaWeber and Briggs & Stratton. Atkins have been delivering nothing but the best for over 100 years.