The memorial to Staker Wallis, whose bones may be with Limerick County Council since 2006. (Picture: Marian Roche)

Bones found in Kilfinane in 2006 are still yet to be analysed by Limerick City & County Council, despite assurances 15 years ago that ‘the process could take up to six months’.

Correspondence from the council this month confirmed that there is no update on the find. One Limerick newspaper last year reported that the project was put on a back burner due to ‘ongoing pressure of work’.

It was only in September 2020, 14 years after the find, that a report was received by the National Museum of Ireland that human remains had been discovered at Kilfinane. Members of the Kilfinane Coshlea Historical Society, including local historian James O’Brien, have been pursuing the matter since 2006, to no avail.

Niall Collins TD, who raised the issue with the council in 2020, made a statement this week on the ongoing delays:

“I am very concerned that Limerick City and County Council still haven’t progressed this matter…”

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