Another sellout?


Another sellout?

We seem hell bent in this country to sell off what is usually our pride and joy. Will you allow our forests to be sold off to a foreign investor?

Thursday, 31 January 2013
12:00 AM GMT

We seem hell bent in this country to sell off what is usually our pride and joy. At this point in time, our forests are being targetted. The Troika is certainly leading us a merry dance – and what great dancers we are. We all accept what a wonderful national resource our forests are, yet our Dail minsters and TDs seem quite happy to sell them off to the highest bidder (or is there a faint whisper of rebellion emanating from a handful)?

If and when the deal goes through, what will be the protocol when it comes to taking a walk in the forest or into our mountains. Will we see a trespass sign on the forestry gate? To date, Coillte has done an exemplary job for which they are to be highly commended. In last week’s issue of this newspaper, we read the concerns  a representative of Glennon Bros had regarding the selling off of our forests and the importance of supplies for his firm.

A contributor portrays this week what the scene could well be when you turn up for your walk of jog in your favourite forest only to find find the barriers down and ‘keep out’ signs up. ‘No access – we are invoking the right to refuse access by virtue of x, y or z’ . . . some clause or other will be found.

Is this another occasion when we sit and watch yet another takeover by some foreign company. Think about it – the time to act is now – not when the deal is done!

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