This week, we feature ANIMUS Coaching, the business of Personal Development coach and speaker, Kevin McCormack.

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A UCC graduate in Coaching & Coaching Psychology, Kevin has spent the last five years steadily growing his coaching practice, to the point where today he is considered an inspiration by his clients and a leader in his field by his peers.

Whether you are looking to work through personal challenges, find direction or come ‘unstuck’, coaching is the most effective route for you. As Kevin explains, “Everyone should engage with a good coach at least once in their lifetime. All too often, we embark on a mission of personal change on our own steam and invariably, often in a very short time, we end up right back where we started .… stuck. The difference between going it alone and working with a coach, is that unlike you, your coach is not at the mercy of your negative beliefs or self-sabotaging thinking and behaviours.”


Kevin goes on to say, “When we set out to make significant changes in life, either personal or professional, we have many elements of ourselves to factor into our endeavours, and the main obstacle we face when it comes to making effective and lasting change, is that we all too often attempt to do so with the same mind-set that created what’s challenging us in the first place.”

“Everyone should engage with a good coach at least once in their lifetime.”

Kevin’s passion for his work is very evident when talking with him, “I’m passionate about what I do and I love bringing real value to the lives of the people who choose me to coach them.”

He goes on to say his clients come from all walks of life, “There’s no such thing as a typical coaching client, I’ve coached company CEOs, homemakers, entrepreneurs, public figures, sports people and teachers. Everyone from secondary school students to the recently retired.”


Kevin coaches in many areas, including: life, career, personal resilience, confidence building and mindful communication. “No two coaching sessions are the same,” he says. “Today, I might meet with someone who struggles to put their own needs first, tomorrow, I may have a client who wants to set specific goals around losing weight, or a client who has difficulty in saying ‘no’ or in coping with conflict in the workplace.” Kevin’s clients describe his coaching style as being authentic, effective and without pretence.

If you would like to explore whether Kevin’s coaching work can meet your individual needs, he is more than happy to chat in confidence with you.

Kevin works from private rooms at Kilworth village and Douglas village, Cork.

Contact details: Kevin McCormack. 087-2176410.