An evening with Reggie

Reggie, aka Pat Fitzpatrick, in An Evening with Reggie at The Everyman, Cork. (Picture: Miki Barlok)

The Everyman is so excited to welcome An Evening with Reggie, alongside a bunch of the best theatre artists that Cork and Ireland have to offer, taking to the stage. Literally…

It is finally happening. Reggie is actually on the North Side.

Artistic Director of the Everman, Sophie Motely says, “Hold your breath everyone. Walking into the office, I hear his dulcet tones soothingly deprecating others and upholding his questionable opinions, and occasionally even humming a tune, and it is utterly thrilling!”

Reggie himself shared some thoughts with us: “It’s strange being in Cork this time of the year. I’d normally be in Dubai for tax reasons. The rehearsals are going superbly in The Everyman. It’s odd going up to the northside every day, but the place is starting to grow on me. And it’s obviously having an effect because only yesterday I tried to buy a greyhound on the internet. I have to say, it’s a joy working with theatre people. They all have cut-glass Blackrock Road accents, but none of them will ever have the money to live there. Hilarious. Anyway, not long now, can’t wait to see my old stocks for the show, up close and personal.”

Written and performed by Reggie, Blackrock Road; directed by Pat Kiernan; designed by Aedín Cosgrove; costumes by Valentina Gambardella. The show runs from March 31st to April 16th.

The Everyman is core funded by the Arts Council of Ireland and Cork City Council.

Tickets can be bought online at or by calling 021 450 1673: Regular tickets €30 | Concession €27. More information can be found at