A mat, a space, a mindset

Much more than a mat, Flowstate is a lifestyle choice, and once unrolled, the mat creates a designated space for people to practice self-care in, whatever form that takes.

A space to self-reflect, to meditate and to clear your mind from any of life’s concerns. It is a small slice of space created just for you.

The artwork for the newest edition to the Flowstate family, Equilibrium, has been originally designed by Irish artist Maser, taking inspiration directly from the urban environment – exploring the importance of finding solace and balance between work and personal life.

High contrast designs are aesthetically balanced by flowing overlays and colours, to create a sense of harmony throughout the artwork.

An eco-friendly product, the durable rubber base of each mat is manufactured from recycled tree bark, the vibrant artwork has been coloured using natural water based inks and every mat is 100% biodegradable.