70% of Irish people prefer new homes, survey reveals

A new survey created by Chill Insurance has revealed that the majority of the Irish population would prefer to live in a house that is younger than 10 years old.

This survey, created by Chill Insurance, has revealed some shocking insights into the kind of homes the Irish want to live in. The survey was created in order to create new and unique data for use in Chill Insurance’s new eBook, Ultimate Irish Homes.

The eBook is full of engaging information about historical homes in Ireland, including information about the homes of Daniel O’Connell and Bono. It also looks at homes used in films, including Castle Ward which is the backdrop for the Stark family in popular TV series, Game of Thrones.

Finally, the eBook looks at top places people want to live in Ireland, as well as information from property and design aspects giving some observations about Irish homes.

But with its rich history and culture, the statistic that shocked the most shows that 7 out of 10 people would prefer a brand new home.

When asked ‘How old would you prefer your home to be’, 38% of people picked a new build, and 32% picked a home built within the last ten years. The next popular answer with 16% of people choosing it was a home built within 10-30 years.

Only 4% wanted a Victorian home, 2% a Georgian home, and a tiny 1.8% wanted a home built in the early 1900s.

This might be because of the cost that comes with running an older house. The likelihood of running into problems is much higher with possible structural or roofing problems, boiler problems, or something else. It might then also be more expensive to insure an older home.

There are ways to save money on your home insurance. A spokesperson from Chill Insurance commented: “As most of us know, the two main ways of buying insurance are: directly through an insurance company; and through an insurance broker. However, the premiums offered may differ depending on which of these two options you decide to investigate for your new cover.

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“Remember it’s always important to have a think about a quote before buying, and make sure it’s exactly what you want and need.”