Research has found that almost two in three people in Ireland suffer with a skin complaint such dry skin, acne, psoriasis or sensitive skin. 

The ‘Skin Health Month’ campaign aims to change the lives of people with sensitive skin by raising awareness of skin conditions among the population and encouraging them to seek treatment.

The most common skin condition reported in Munster is dry skin and eczema (53%). Women are significantly more likely to suffer with almost three in four (72%) saying that they suffer from a skin condition compared to just less than half (45%) of men.

Skin complaints were most common among 18 – 24 year olds with more than four in five (85%) reporting skin concerns.

The research was undertaken by dermatological Skincare brand La Roche-Posay to mark ‘Skin Health Month’, which runs from March 1st – 31st.

Pharmacies nationwide are offering free skin diagnosis in store. By offering a rigorous and objective skin diagnosis and tailored skincare regime, La Roche-Posay hopes to show Irish consumers that they need not suffer in silence.


When it comes to treatment, while many people in Munster (37%) believe that since finding the right products they have their skin condition under control, almost a quarter (23%) believe that it is something that they have to live with and a similar number (22%) believe that they still have to find the right skincare routine.

Men are more likely to believe that they have to live with a skin condition with more than one in three (35%) believing this is the case, compared to just less than one in five women (19%).

When asked how their skin condition effected them beyond the physical, almost half of those in Munster (45%) said it makes them feel self-conscious about their appearance and similarly, (43%) said that it effects them emotionally either by causing low mood or anxiety.

A further one in five (19%) worry about how factors like the weather or the environment will affect their skin.

Yet when it comes to taking care of their appearance, people spend more time looking after their hair (28%) and fitness (27%) before considering their skin with under a quarter (23%) saying that it is what they prioritise.