Almost half of Irish women spend an average of 4.3 days a year blow drying their hair. That’s according to new research carried out online among 269 women aged 18+ by Peter Mark, Ireland’s leading hairdressing group. 

The survey examines hair styling habits which shows that 44% of women wash and blow-dry their hair 3–4 times a week and half spend 20-30 mins blow-drying it.

11% say they wash and dry their hair 5-7 times in any given week and 7% say it can take more than an hour to blow-dry their hair each time!

Almost 3 in 4 women polled (72%) admit to using a hair straightening tool to achieve a smooth and polished look.

Of those that straighten their hair, 54% do so up to four times a week and 1 in 5 spend 20 minutes straightening their hair each time.

The survey also reveals that 29% say that styling their hair in the morning takes up the most time in their daily beauty routine and a quarter (24%) admit to skipping doing their hair in the morning when running late.