30% of farms inspected by Cork County Council in the Fermoy Municipal District were issued with warning letters in 2016.

As part of the Agricultural Inspection Programme, 110 farms in the district were inspected last year with warning letters issued to 33. Countywide, 950 farms were inspected with 33% of farms detected as non-compliant with EU regulations.

Speaking at this month’s Northern Committee meeting, Ted O’Leary from the Environment Department said where problems are identified on farms, the farmer is advised of this during the inspection and by follow up letter.

“The agriculrual section adopts a collaborative approach to working with farmers to rectify problems and encourages them to get assistance and advice from Teagasc or an agricultural consultant, where necessary,” Mr O’Leary said.


Elsewhere, annual statistics released by Cork County Council show that only half of the litter fines issued wtihin the Fermoy Municipal District were paid. 12 litter fines were issued in 2016, six were paid and three were sent for prosecution. Across the county, 424 litter fines (up from 297 in 2015) were issued, with 214 paid and 70 sent for prosecution. 151 waste-litter complaints were made across the Fermoy Municipal District in 2016, up from 72 in 2015.


Statistis also show that there are over 27,000 dog licences across the county, with over 2,800 in the Fermoy Municipal District, only three of which are life time licences. 21 fines were issued to dog owners in 2016, with 134 Section 16 (1) notices under the Control of Dogs Act, issued. Under the control of horses, 22 stray horses were collected in the Fermoy Municipal District in 2016 and 12 were euthanised.