The Digital Marketing Boom

The importance of marketing, strong brand identity and brand awareness is arguably now more important than ever before.

Strong Marketing campaigns were absolutely essential for any business that successfully navigated the COVID-19 pandemic and the work of a Digital Marketing agency become vital for survival.

Promotive, a full-service marketing agency has shown the past 18 months that if you don’t have a top tier digital marketing strategy, your business will struggle.

But what exactly is digital marketing? Well, it’s an omnichannel approach that utilises digital technologies to promote your business. These technologies include things like websites, mobile apps, social media, search engines, paid ads, partnerships and more.

However, these digital techniques only truly work when they are paired with the more traditional print and direct marketing efforts.

Why is digital marketing important? Well, in a nutshell, it allows you to reach and broach a far larger audience than more traditional methods and perhaps more importantly it allows you to target those who are more likely to engage with your product or service.


Let’s say you pump a lot of time and resources into something like a TV ad, or a full page spread in a newspaper – You have very limited control over who sees this ad, you can measure certain metrics like age demographic of the readership, but it’s still a bit of a hit and hope. Digital Marketing on the flip side of this allows you to identify and target a highly specific audience, then you can send this audience tailored marketing messages.

For example, most social media platforms have powerful targeting features that allow a business to display ads to a hugely customisable audience of people, variables like location, gender, age, interests, behaviours and networks can all be factored in. This allows you to identify an ideal customer, then target them through social media marketing.

Cost Effective

Whether or not you’re an SME or a massive multinational, the bottom line is always important. Digital marketing allows you to accurately track campaigns on a day-to-day basis, allowing to pivot your approach if a specific channel isn’t giving you the desired ROI.

You can’t say the same for something like a billboard or large poster ad, it’s going to cost a significant sum of money whether or not it actually drives any conversions for you. If you’re a small business with a more limited budget, you may want to explore social media options, or even blogging. These strategies can give you a large ROI with a far more approachable spend.

Get ahead of the competition, despite the budget

SMEs often struggle to compete with the big hitters, not everyone has endless oodles of cash to fling at TV spots, nationwide campaigns and more. However, there are plenty of ways you can actually outrank the giants and place your business ahead through tailored and strategic digital marketing campaigns. There are a number of different ways to do this.

1.     Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a method of driving considerable amounts of traffic to your website by paying a publisher every time an ad is clicked upon. One of the most common types of PPC is Google Ads, which you’re probably familiar with. These ads appear at the top of the Google search results and are paid for, ‘per click’. Other variants include paid ads on Facebook, sponsored posts on LinkedIn and Twitter Ad Campaigns.

On Facebook, you can cough up the funds to customize a video or image which the AI will then feature on the newsfeeds of people who are more likely to interact with your audience. LinkedIn is different as you can actually pay to send messages directly to specific users who may be related to your chosen industry.

Finally, Twitter – You can pay to put a series of posts on the twitter feeds of a targeted audience, these posts usually have a specific purpose, e.g., drive website traffic, increase your twitter following or simply just overall tweet engagement. Promotive offer a full PPC Marketing agency service, get in touch today to discuss what works best for you.

2.     Automation

This is a must – Marketing automation is simply the automation of basic, repetitive tasks in order to speed up the overall process. Firstly, you’ve got your email newsletters. You can automate the delivery of emails to your subscribers, but you can also increase and decrease your list as people sign up and check out, this ensures your content is only going to the people who want to see it.

Next, social media. If you want to grow a brand or boost a presence online social media is key and posting regularly is essential. This means you can’t really rely on posting manually all of the time. Social Media scheduling tools actually push out all of your content to your channels for you, leaving you with far more time to focus on your content strategy.

3.     Content Marketing

Blog posts, infographics, whitepapers, eBooks and more – Content marketing is effectively the creation and subsequent promotions of content in order to generate brand awareness or even lead generation. Blog posts are a fantastic way to highlight your businesses expertise and position yourself as one of the leaders in your field, this can then generate organic search traffic for your business and leaves you with more opportunities to convert visitors to your site into clients.

Similarly, long reads like whitepapers and eBooks promote your knowledge and help to educate website visitors, you can provide data and information in exchange for a reader’s contact info, which can then generate a lead for a sales team. Finally, infographics. Show, not tell. These visuals are one of the best ways to get an idea across.

Traditional & Digital – Better Together

Digital Marketing is hugely effective but is far more effective when married up with certain aspects of traditional marketing. However, there are certain elements that are absolutely essential to get right on the traditional side of things, without these solid foundations you can’t really expect your digital marketing efforts to bear fruit.

Logo Design – The Key

A powerful, recognisable logo is the first thing a potential customer will see when looking for a new product or business. It’s a connection, a touchstone and you’ll need an eye catching one if you plan to succeed. But what makes a great logo? Well, think of the most recognisable logos you know – They’re usually extremely simple but striking, Apple, Nike, Amazon – Clear but effective.

Your logo design also needs to be versatile, it needs to look good on a website, a physical product, social media, banner ads, even clothing! Relevancy is crucial, an excellent logo should communicate your brands identity effectively and garner a reaction. Therefore, it is crucial to get an experienced branding agency like Promotive for a logo that you will keep for decades.

If you’re looking to give your business a shot in the arm, get in touch with Promotive today. Offering comprehensive marketing services, website design, graphic design services alongside large format printing services, general printing services, personalised merchandise and memorial cards. Serving clients nationwide from their Waterford hub, Promotive are the ideal partners when it comes to combining digital & traditional marketing.