Damaged wall in Kilbehenny “contributes to flooding”

The wall which separates the Funshion River from the Mill River has started to fall in during the last year. (Picture: Michael O'Sullivan)

Damage to a wall between two rivers, one in Cork and one in Limerick, is contributing to significant flooding in a private property in Kilbehenny, and to date no move has been made by either council to address the issue. This is according to the family on who’s property the damage occurs.

The O’Sullivan family’s property in Kilbehenny backs onto the Funshion River and the Mill River (labelled the Behanagh River on EPA maps). A wall, which has purportedly separated the point at which the two rivers meet for over 100 years, suffered damage in the last year, most probably naturally, and is now causing both a potential hazard for children who swim in the area in the summer, as well as allegedly contributing to flooding when the two rivers swell and meet through the now-damaged wall.

Michael O’Sullivan stated the issue. “Where the confluence of the rivers meet is a wall which has existed here to stop flooding and land erosion, however the wall is in a dangerous state and ready to fall.”

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